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  1. I have not. I know they ask that you use the updated version, but it said it was in beta so I felt uneasy of downloading that version. And now after downloading that version, it works just fine. Terribly sorry to waste your time. I realize the rules say to have the latest version, but I felt uneasy using the beta version. So does this version have unlimited size for font then? It looks like it won't let me go over 2000.
  2. I'm not sure, I have moved it around a bit but nothing more seems to show. Yes, the cursor continues to flash. The first word I'm putting on starts with a B and when I make it a very large size font, all that shows is a line. Is there maybe a text box or something that needs to be made larger somehow?
  3. I am very new to this type of program, and all I want to do is add text to my high res photo. I did add text to it, but cannot seem to get it large enough. If I set the font size to over 1600, my word disappears. I need a step-by-step-hold-my-hand set of instructions on how to do this since I have never in my life used a program like this. I have already tried simple online programs but since my photo is such high res, they will not let me upload it. I need it to stay this size because i want to print it out as a poster. Thank-you for your time.
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