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  1. I know All i did was add text and border, but the effect ingame was too good to edit.
  2. I find RPG's (Runescape>WOW>Age of Conan) are a waste of time especially since there is minimal skill required. FPS's/RTS's are less time consuming and overall just more interesting (Not repetitive etc).
  3. Received a call from somene who works at Super Nova, my computers ready to be picked up. $2,600 ($600 graphics card, 3 gig of RAM, decent monitor, Quad core processor etc)
  4. [45] Kurt Vonnegut's Ice-nine [50] Dr. Strangelove's Mutually-assured destruction system [25] Halo's Halo [50] Ender's Game's Molecular Disruption Device [50] The Kill-Everybody Satellites from Moonraker [40] Skynet's Judgment Day system from Terminator [40] Galactus' Multiverse Nullifier [50] Soran's Star Imploder from Star Trek: Generations [50] The Death Star
  5. Avatar (needs a sig to match though); Full size | Smaller size
  6. [A+] Sight [A-] Feel [C-] Hear [C+] Taste [D-] Smell
  7. The Gorillaz are an animated band. Official Site | Wiki | Feel Good Inc. (Song) Your sig: 9/10
  8. - Chinese Symbol for Wisdom - Attempt at a Halo Style Forunner Symbol
  9. @aguba: 9/10 I really like it, though text is a little difficult to read. @pyrochild: 9.5/10 Very nice, though the border just seems a bit odd. I'm not to great with making signitures containing renders of my avatar so now, it's a fractal.
  10. Ctrl+V - 'From the Sea' (Interesting)
  11. 6/10 Too Plain uH's sig changes because it shows all the sigs he got (Random each refresh )
  12. Uhh ... PC isn't a console, it's a Platform. Best console, I say Xbox, PS just followed suit with the features for PS2/3.
  13. Younger brother (Worst aspect of my life (Believe me))
  14. Pdn, Graphical Editing just got easy. Your Canvas, your imagination. Software of the Furture, Now. Pdn biggest thing since sliced bread. Sorry can't think of anything really spectacular atm.
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