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  1. I know All i did was add text and border, but the effect ingame was too good to edit.
  2. I find RPG's (Runescape>WOW>Age of Conan) are a waste of time especially since there is minimal skill required. FPS's/RTS's are less time consuming and overall just more interesting (Not repetitive etc).
  3. Received a call from somene who works at Super Nova, my computers ready to be picked up. $2,600 ($600 graphics card, 3 gig of RAM, decent monitor, Quad core processor etc)
  4. [45] Kurt Vonnegut's Ice-nine [50] Dr. Strangelove's Mutually-assured destruction system [25] Halo's Halo [50] Ender's Game's Molecular Disruption Device [50] The Kill-Everybody Satellites from Moonraker [40] Skynet's Judgment Day system from Terminator [40] Galactus' Multiverse Nullifier [50] Soran's Star Imploder from Star Trek: Generations [50] The Death Star
  5. Avatar (needs a sig to match though); Full size | Smaller size
  6. [A+] Sight [A-] Feel [C-] Hear [C+] Taste [D-] Smell
  7. The Gorillaz are an animated band. Official Site | Wiki | Feel Good Inc. (Song) Your sig: 9/10
  8. - Chinese Symbol for Wisdom - Attempt at a Halo Style Forunner Symbol
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