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  1. The one trouble I've found in this community, in these past 3 days, is that everyone seems to have that viewpoint.
  2. Had you said that on a programming forum or a HTML forum (if there are any), you probably would have started a flame war Nah, people know. Just like PHP isn't really a programming language either - it's a script language, and there is a difference.
  3. This is the best I can make it while keeping the kimono white:
  4. It'll look bad if you have the white parts of the kimono cut out but the white background gone.
  5. Magic wand Shift+click the white background Ctrl+I Now you have the logo and words selected and you can do what you like with them.
  6. I didn't call it a punishment. I said it keeps them away. Thus, they no longer impede on society, and for about 80% of cases, are law-abiding citizens afterwards.
  7. Yeah, I didn't consider it a real pwn. Firefox's dictionary is bad.
  8. umm.... FF3 does pass... And so does Opera. I use Opera. Mmm, yes.
  9. The top right corner of the Paint.NET window has a thumbnail view of all your currently opened images.
  10. AFAIK, Paint.NET 4 will have custom brushes, so expect the brush library to explode at that point. Until then, sit tight.
  11. You spelt a word incorrectly! The fact that I noticed it means it was a massive pwn! Yes.
  12. If the whole car looked like that door, with the shines in the correct places, that would look very good. Attention to some others: cars generally don't have a brushed metal look, just a metal look (brushed metal look is the one where you add noise+motion blur).
  13. A quick do-up: It needs more shininess... If your car has a background, add reflections.
  14. Um, has any US President not agreed with that?
  15. Change the gradient to a vertical one (so the darker colour is on the bottom). This gives it the shading needed. Now, add a new layer and draw two downwards-curved (like a smile) lines. Fill the ensuing shape between the curves and the edge of the bodywork with a 30% alpha white to a 10% alpha white. Delete the lines. This gives the metal a shine. If it looks too cut-out, give the shine a very soft blur.
  16. The shine effects won't work well on a white backgrounded image, and your picture window isn't centred, which breaks the shadows.
  17. With further testing, it works on 2 browsers.
  18. I just thought it would be better if something like chat was accessible by everyone without having to sign up to something else. The fact that dA chat seems to only work in one browser also bugs me. Meh.
  19. It's beautiful. I'll have to try it sometime.
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