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  1. The one trouble I've found in this community, in these past 3 days, is that everyone seems to have that viewpoint.
  2. Had you said that on a programming forum or a HTML forum (if there are any), you probably would have started a flame war Nah, people know. Just like PHP isn't really a programming language either - it's a script language, and there is a difference.
  3. This is the best I can make it while keeping the kimono white:
  4. It'll look bad if you have the white parts of the kimono cut out but the white background gone.
  5. Magic wand Shift+click the white background Ctrl+I Now you have the logo and words selected and you can do what you like with them.
  6. I didn't call it a punishment. I said it keeps them away. Thus, they no longer impede on society, and for about 80% of cases, are law-abiding citizens afterwards.
  7. Yeah, I didn't consider it a real pwn. Firefox's dictionary is bad.
  8. umm.... FF3 does pass... And so does Opera. I use Opera. Mmm, yes.
  9. The top right corner of the Paint.NET window has a thumbnail view of all your currently opened images.
  10. AFAIK, Paint.NET 4 will have custom brushes, so expect the brush library to explode at that point. Until then, sit tight.
  11. You spelt a word incorrectly! The fact that I noticed it means it was a massive pwn! Yes.
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