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  1. Then make the minimum 0.01, and only display it as zero?
  2. you need to ask Bill Gates for more money in the cans of soda How do I type?
  3. I had trouble installing once, but that was because windows update started at the same time, along with google updater. (talking about the getting ready to download part) Once I rebooted, it installed perfectly :wink: Nice job Rick! I can't wait
  4. By getting chickenpox, and mashing up random blades of grass, and picking your ears with your big toe What am I laughing at
  5. None of them, they all resisted the reduction of psychical phenomena to a psychological state and insisted there were too many points of ignorance between the extended and the unextended. What am I asking?
  6. 7/10 Or 2/10 because all of my registered programs passed their expiration dates today =-\
  7. Johnlaws2005 - retired until I become a member again - level 68, 998 total I think omgwtf_lol1 - using it when I am not a member - level 5 skiller in the making (XD)
  8. Front Page * 32 Deviations * 132 Deviation Comments * 74 Deviant Comments * 205 Pageviews Gallery Stats johnlaws2005 has 204 pageviews total and his 32 deviations were viewed 302 times. He watches 21 people, while 3 people watch him. Overall, his deviations received 31 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 6 times, while he commented 276 times, making about 1.5 comments per day since he joined DA. This means that he gave 89 comments for every 10 that he received. His deviation with the most comments is New background with 6 comments, while his most favourited one is LUGIA - FIVE - FINAL COPY, with 1 favourites. His most viewed deviation is 11 layer background - complete with 26 views. 2 favourites were given for every 10 comments. Every 5.7 days he uploads a new deviation, and it's usually on a Sunday, with 13 (41%) of his deviations. His busiest month was December 2007 with 27 (84%) of his deviations. The majority of his deviations are uploaded to the Digital Art gallery (20), while his favourite category was Miscellaneous > Miscellaneous with 17 deviations. Comments per deviation: 0.96 Favourites per deviation: 0.18 Views per deviation: 9.43 Comments per day: 0.16 Favourites per day: 0.03 Views per day: 1.64 Pageviews per day: 1.1 --- As you can see, I only just started getting really active
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