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  1. Then make the minimum 0.01, and only display it as zero?
  2. you need to ask Bill Gates for more money in the cans of soda How do I type?
  3. I had trouble installing once, but that was because windows update started at the same time, along with google updater. (talking about the getting ready to download part) Once I rebooted, it installed perfectly :wink: Nice job Rick! I can't wait
  4. By getting chickenpox, and mashing up random blades of grass, and picking your ears with your big toe What am I laughing at
  5. None of them, they all resisted the reduction of psychical phenomena to a psychological state and insisted there were too many points of ignorance between the extended and the unextended. What am I asking?
  6. 7/10 Or 2/10 because all of my registered programs passed their expiration dates today =-\
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