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  1. Cutting Out using Alpha Mask Import Plug In Tutorial, as mentioned previous post, on YouTube:
  2. A better, more accurate (though slightly more complex) method to cut out is to use the 'Alpha Mask Import Plug in'. This method makes the edge pixels transparent (much like feathering does in the above example) which will help it integrate into your new background later. I started to prepare a video tutorial on this method, but never finished it. I'll try and find it - if I can't - I'll make a new one... Here goes... 1a.Open image you wish to cut out 1b.create a new layer and fill white, change opacity to suit image (white as possible but clarity of 'background' layer is still required)
  3. One of the most useful plug ins EVAH!!! I use it for cutting out images accurately... Just one suggested improvement/request - is it possible to get it to use a selected layer in the current drawing as the Mask? (although having the ability to use the clipboard is an awesome improvement and will probably do what I am asking anyhow)
  4. Just installed this update - playing with 'halftone' - "AWESOME!!!" :wink:
  5. Teaching Comic Layout... so I made this example...
  6. Just one to keep something new in here... my son on a recent snow trip (Smiggins Holes, NSW), new DSLR (Canon 400D - thanks for asking)... a dash of inspiration from one of wife's scrap-booking magazines (words + letters around edge)... Background textures from CG Textures - very cool site ;-)
  7. Sitting at the dinner table tonight, I just got struck by a simple idea to make 'vector-style' clouds...
  8. I'm Teaches With Paint.NET... I am a Media Teacher in Canberra, the capital of Australia. I teach Digital Imaging topics using Paint.NET because students are able to download it for use at home - and it is so damn good!!! So here is my Gallery...
  9. @sabrown 100 & Mike Ryan: for image manipulation, I use Paint.NET exclusively... Photoshop Contest is just a Image Manipulation competition site that I came across many years ago through Fark.com... Having a set image to manipulate can help with creativity when you've got "imager's block" :shock: ... I try to encourage my students to do stuff like that to take their work "out of the classroom" and (kinda) "into the world". I haven't played with Photoshop since I discovered Paint.NET (around 3 years ago). It is far simpler for student's to "grasp", but lends itself to more advanced ap
  10. :shock: Pure. Digital. Goodness... Nice work - the students will LUUUUUUUUURVE this one... (especially when they see your demo images) Cheers and Thanks Mike :!:
  11. Very cute tute... saw it ages ago, but only sat down to have a go with it when some of my students did it today! So here is mine (no "tooning" - played with other things instead): A mini Lotus Exige (these things look great racing)
  12. My entry for a Photoshop Contest competition... 20 mins, and not much 'magic' save for the 'radial blur'... From an original image @ http://www.rogerwendell.com/images/wind ... 2006_2.jpg
  13. Myrddin nailed it with that link - but in short: 1. Images need to be on seperate layers (allows more control - can always "flatten" or "merge layers" afterward) 2. Click on the Gradient Tool ( ) 3. Click on RGBA dropdown ( :AllColorChannels: ) to ensure Transparency ( :AlphaChannel: ) is selected 4. Select layer with first image 5. Click where you want transparency gradient to start - hold button and move to where you want image to be fully transparent and release button 6.repeat steps 4&5 for 2nd image 7. Voila! Done... Did that work?
  14. If I understand correctly, you are trying to composite images (put the subject from one image onto a different background)? You'll need the Alpha Channel Mask for that... try to follow these directions http://www.geocities.com/gerry_satrapa/Compositing.pdf PM me if you need more detailed instructions or more information... :wink:
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