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  1. 4. The Bible was written years before scientists thought the Earth was round did they not?

    Rant: I absolutely hate that children are taught this in school. No, Christopher Columbus did not prove the Earth was round. I can go into great lengths about this, but I'll keep it short: early biographies of Christopher Columbus brought this myth into play because they wanted it to seem like Christians of the Middle Ages were just so stupid living in mud. We've known the Earth was round way before The Bible tells us Jesus came to this Earth. Eratosthenes, a Greek philosopher, was even able to measure the circumference of the Earth within a 5% margin of error in 280 B.C.E.! Please, I beg you to read instead of taking for granted what you've been told throughout your life. The truth is out there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myth_of_the_Flat_Earth


    Edit: How did I end up in the Evolution thread? Oh well, life goes on.

  2. We've learnt our pentatonics and we aint movin!

    - Sorry - It's clearly loved by you and is great, but it's not finding anything new ?

    Sure, some jazz uses all the notes , some Indian music uses quarter semitones, maybe it's because i'm old - I'm not arguing against new music - I just feel it's all too conformist - too much 4/4 too little dissonance/exploration. - In short, not new. (perhaps I'm just arguing against the mainstream).


    If this starts an argument - all to the good!


    Computers offer amazing possibilities to play the unplayable and explore new places - maybe it's out there somewhere?

    I'm sorry, are you talking to me? I'm certainly not claiming *shels to be a groundbreaking band on the bleeding edge of progressive music. They exist in a genre pioneered in the late 90s to early 2000s. I can provide you with some very progressive music, but typically it has not been meant with a warm reception here on the forums (for obvious reasons). For instance, take this Kayo Dot song, one of my favorites: 



    Edit: lyrics are important to the song: http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/3530822107858892214/

  3. This happens every once in a while (rather infrequently, actually). I'm clearly getting an out of memory error, but in this case and cases like it I have around 45-60% of my total system memory available (12gb, 2x4 in one channel, 2x2 in another). Every time it occurs, I run a memtest and find no issues. For what it's worth, I have disabled the Windows Pagefile (running on limited space with two 64gb SSDs in a raid0 array). This issue occurred on Windows 7 and now Windows 8, both were clean installs (as in, Windows 8 did not upgrade Windows 7)


    For this particular crash, Paint.NET was using a reported 914.6 MB of memory, with 46% of my total memory free.


    Here's a link to the crashlog: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2987/pdncrash.log

  4. To counter Rick's argument, managing your own WordPress install really isn't that bad at all, and it can be really cheap! If you want to commit specifically to WordPress, there are a lot of great hosts that provide WordPress only services with more freedoms than, say, WordPress.com. Kahuna and WP Engine are some respectable hosts that immediately come to mind. As for 'hack of month' type situations, they are pretty rare for WordPress. While they do exist, it's also incredibly easy to push updates to your site in about a minute over your phone.

    I manage around 15 different sites all powered on WordPress. Some of them are on basic shared hosting, some are on a VPS I rent, and some are on a hybrid solution of VPN/shared. I have more than enough hosting room, so if you want to, you are more than free to send me a PM and we could surely work something out that's probably going to be more affordable than the aforementioned services.

  5. You saw GY!BE? Exactly how amazing were they?

    It was excellent. They mostly played material from their new album, and while it is a good album I think I'd have liked to hear some more of their older material. They are way heavier live, which was a pleasant surprise to me. Also, they played this previously unreleased track which is absolutely excellent:

  6. Some nice instrumental music.

    The genre you are looking for is Post Rock. If you like this, you should check into other bands. Some of the greats in the genre include the Red Sparowes (intentional spelling), A Silver Mt. Zion, Sigur Ros, and the kings of the genre: Godspeed You! Black Emperor (of whom I recently got to see live). There's also post metal, but I don't know how heavy you like your music.

  7. Last night I had to go out into the waiting room at the hospital to inform two parents that sadly their daughter had not survived the car crash she was involved in, not the best news to have to break :( and all some people can do is complain about something as trivual as "gum"

    Life get's put into perspective when a life is taken.

    That sounds extremely unpleasant. I am sorry you were the one to break the news to them. Death certainly puts life into perspective. That being said, it wasn't right of you to try and trivialize AGJM's bullying incident. Just because you had to go through something very difficult doesn't mean AGJM isn't allowed to vent about his own personal frustrations.

  8. Currently, Paint.NET handles the forward and back buttons on a mouse as just that: forward and back buttons. This means they currently have some level of functionality in Paint.NET (such as filling the canvas with the secondary color when using the Paint Bucket), but they mostly go unused.

    What I would like is for them to be mapped to something a bit more useful, to potentially benefit those who have mice with these buttons on them. For instance, Notepad++ and other applications let you switch between open tabs in the application. If this were the model, the buttons on the mouse would let you cycle through the open images in Paint.NET.

    Web browsers use these buttons to move forwards and backwards in history for a tab. Using this model, the two buttons would be mapped to undo and redo.

    Either of these would be really great.

  9. I just launched a Magic: the Gathering webapp! I know there aren't very many MTG players on these forums, but I'm pretty proud of it: http://www.spoilerseason.com

    Designed in Paint.NET, the web app is pretty simple: new Magic: the Gathering cards come out in 'sets'. Typically, there are four sets every year (one core, three as part of a thematic block). Since there is a lot of interest surrounding Magic: the Gathering and the tournament environment, players love looking at the new cards before they are released. The problem was, before Spoiler Season, the spoilers would be EVERYWHERE with no one good place to look through them all. Wizards of the Coast does maintain a spoiler, but that only contains officially spoiled cards (what's the fun in that?).

    So, Spoiler Season aggregates spoilers for the upcoming set in a visual manner. Even better, you can sort through the cards in real time by a number of criteria that would matter most to an MTG player, such as color, type, and rarity. Initial impressions from Reddit and elsewhere have been positive and I'm starting to see a small userbase grow (around 200 daily unique visitors).

  10. Huh? Define "serious" please

    Every once in a while there comes a point in which I can't use any of the menus without Windows Explorer crashing, which in turn causes the menus to disappear. No file, edit, view, image, layers, adjustments, effects, utilities, window, or help until I restart my computer. This only occurs in Paint.NET. It has happened to me numerous times, but I cannot seem to find a cause for this or any way to reproduce it. I planned on posting about it on Tuesday if I couldn't resolve the issue, but I've let the cat out of the bag a little early.

    On the brighter side, it's a lot of fun! How quickly can I navigate to Object -> Outline Object before Windows Explorer crashes? Can I really Isolate White / Black or will the crash get me? It's an excellent game.

  11. Another thing they seemed to fix up in Windows 8 is pasting a transparent PNG into Paint.NET works as expected. This alone was worth the upgrade. Of course, there is a serious Paint.NET bug that I want to report that I can't seem to figure out how to reproduce yet, but that is beside the point.

  12. This is just my observation, but it seems like a lot of the young adults on here who are especially talented typically started learning in their teens/preteens. It takes a lot of time and patience for most people to develop the skill set required to produce high quality creations.

  13. Not only is healthcare a mess but the whole method of trying to spend and tax the country's way into prosperity. It will never work, the goverment is taxing like crazy keeping businesses from hiring people (which creates jobs) and generating more revenue in the long run (which will allow more money for the government as well) If the government would draw back a little to allow growth, everyone would benefit from the result.

    I'm not sure what you mean when calling health care a mess even though it is modeled after proven-to-be-effective health care reform in Massachusetts (source). However, I agree that taxes aren't good during a bad economy. That is probably why Preisdent Obama's administration and Republican congressmen alike worked on and passed the economic stimulus bill which lowed taxes for 98% of Americans, bringing it to an all time low in over 60 years (source).

    The only proven happening that has ever jumpstarted us into prosperity was war. War created the economic boom that flung us out of the Great Depression.

    Sadly, you are correct. On that note, I read from some guy (whose name I cannot recall) that the best thing government officials could do right now is lie to the American people by saying that they believe we will face an alien invasion in ten years. Not only would you unit our workforce around a common goal, but it would also be huge incentive for us to focus back on space technology. While it may sound preposterous, it still gave me a good chuckle just because of how grand it would seemingly work :P

  14. Obamacare is constitutional as a tax.

    Someday, we'll be forced to buy the president's merchandise or be fined (I'm kidding, of course.)

    On a sarcastic note, Obama for Dictator 2012!

    Edit: And sorry if my opinion offends anyone - I just can't see how forcing everyone to buy something they may not be able to afford - and possibly will never need - is a good thing. It raises costs on the rich, the poor, and the middle class. It prevents small businesses from growing as it takes away a portion of their profits once they have more workers hired. I can't see a good side to it.

    I don't want to get in a debate about this but I would like to share my two cents with you about it. First of all, I'm not 100% satisfied. I would have much rather gotten a single payer health care system like every other modern western country. I feel like PPACA (Obamacare/Romenycare) was pushed way too hard as a bipartisan solution and has some weaknesses as a result.

    Moving forward, health care reform was desperately needed in the United States. There were just so many problems with Insurance companies; not covering preexisting conditions, dropping individuals after spending too much on healthcare, etc. PPACA fixes a lot of these issues, however there is a cost. Every single American has to have health insurance by 2014 or they'll see a tax hike. You're right in that it will raise costs for the rich and the higher end of the middle class but this won't financially hurt the poor nearly as much. There is a lot of text in PPACA that works to extend Medicaid to more Americans and provide financial aid to individuals who can't afford health insurance. Additionally, "preventing small businesses from growing" is kind of a farce. A large majority of Americans have received their health insurance as a result of employee benefits. This is just part of our culture and it is the responsibility of our law to work with our culture, not against it. You will see a drop in employee wages before you see small businesses hitting some 50 employee wall and saying, "Gee, if it weren't for PPACA I could hire more workers and grow!"

    Ultimately, if you can't see how health care reform is going to help insure more Americans than ever before (including a number of individuals in my family who suffer from MD) then I feel sorry for you. Again, PPACA isn't a perfect bill but it is modeled after one of the best implementations of health care reform in the US: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massachusetts_health_care_reform#Outcomes

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