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  1. But how much more did you pay for all that shovelware than you're getting back? :P

    Who said I payed for that shovelware? It's a family Wii. I payed for a good bit of the DS games, and I'll admit to losing money there, but in the long run I'd rather have a new 360 capable of playing my favorite games then a ton of my favorite games only available for a broken console.

  2. So I have $160 in GameStop credit by ridding myself of all my shovel ware using the 3 Games = extra 10$ deal. Now, I just have to wait for GameStop to have some slim 360's in stock so I can get an extra $150 for my first gen Xbox 360. Yup, a ton of Wii and DS shovelware plus a half broken Xbok is netting me a free slim. All I have to do is pay tax. :)

  3. My first iOS 4 install was jailbroken to allow multitasking and backgrounds, but that was too painful. I though just 'downgrading' to a clean 4.0 install would be better, but it really isn't. I think I might join you, Pyrochild: Not only did the 3.0+ series run fine on my device, but Backgrounder also seems more natural in comparison at this point.

  4. I am hating the iOS 4 update. My iDevice (iPod Touch 2G) has become extremely sluggish, sometimes crawling to halt on basic apps such as Settings. Additionally, it now seems to have a heating issue and the music playback functionality is starting to lag. :(

  5. Go vote in the WSC thread.

    By the way, I've been gone for quite a while. I imagine that I'll continue to be gone. If any of you need me for any reason, email address: Mike.Ryan52[at]gmail.com and my AIM s/n is PDNxMikeR . Read the WSC discussion thread for why.

  6. My apologies folks, but I've departed the forums for a good, long while. Family issues, plus finals, plus lack of job = no Paint.NET time or related matters. I'll put up a poll tonight, let the poll run its cycle, archive the competition, and then revive once I'm back for good. Again, sorry for the lengthy delay. Hard times are difficult.

  7. The sad thing is that the image doesn't look edited at all. I feel terrible for Powell though :(

    That's because it isn't edited. Steve Wozniak wrote a guest post on Gizmodo (I think, could've been Lifehacker) and that was the image accompanying.

  8. That's because Opera 10.5 - for all of its greatness - is plagued with faults. A lot of the features in about:config don't do much or what they are labeled as, and customization is a bit more difficult. The reason? It was rushed to make it onto the European browser ballot. I have faith that it'll be patched up. I have a lot of faith in Opera.

  9. It's quite possible it's an intentional leak as well. Apple has been know to do sneaky things.

    This was not intentional. The guy got drunk, lost his prototype iPhone at bar (which was sneakily disguised in a 3GS case), then Gizmodo paid $5,000 for it. Apple is writhing mad, with Cease and Desist letters and a formal letter saying "We want our phone back". The guy will get fired, no doubt.

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