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  1. I would look for features similar to Pyrochild's Outline Object where you would obviously have control over the width and softness, but I'd also want the ability to change whether or not the stroke would alter the alpha channel that way the inline stroke would not interfere with the antialias-ness of the object. Additionally, I'd want features like the layer blending modes and to angle the stroke.

  2. I loved Crash Bandicoot since the first one came out. I was a younger pup back then, and it was my first video game. Those are the only Playstation 1 games I still own, the first three, Crash Bash, and Crash Team Racing. After Naughty Dog, the quality of Crash titles went down with the exception of Wrath of Cortex. I miss quality platformers like Crash. I think that's why I play as many good Indie PC games now.

  3. 4. Chrome is so much more compatible with Gmail and that's what we use a lot of the time at school. (for organising work and stuff- we're probably the only yr 8 class that uses it, lol).

    This is one of the funniest things I've read all day. While I know better than to feed a troll and not to battle a fanboy, it is impossible to say that Firefox is inferior to Chrome. Firefox has years over Chrome in terms of development, and it set the standard from what we expect from browsers today. Chrome is just now beginning to even remotely catch up to the extensibility and raw power of Firefox - and while that is a good thing - it is important to know that Chrome still has a ways to go.

  4. My hosting company SUCKS!!! >:O

    ... I'm off to find a low cost, reliable, .NET host with MSSQL.

    For the record, I can no longer recommend WebHost4Life.com

    Unfortunately, I am in the same situation. A few people have noticed that all of my websites are down (including SpreadPaint.NET) and that isn't going to change anytime soon until I find the perfect fit. I need a cheap and reliable solution that is going to support the latest versions of Ruby on Rails and PHP, has great customer service, an instance of phpMyAdmin that doesn't suck, and something with great performance. While I haven't found anything yet, I have contacts with this group: http://bluemilecloud.com/ They are setting me up with a trial run and some monthly discounts. They have all the features I am looking for and great rates, but I don't know what to expect from such an early startup.

    While I've run into some troubles recently with my host, BoltBait, I really must recommend them. I was using IX Webhosting because they are affordable, and they have extensive support (Including MSSQL). What rubbed me wrong was their claim of running the latest and greatest, yet not actually doing so. There customer service can be shaky, but it is usually great. phpMyAdmin sucks over there, but that won't be a problem for you considering you would not be needing any kind of MySQL management.

  5. The problem is they only test the latest beta of IE9 and not the latest betas of the other browsers. ;)

    Doesn't bother me a bit. The fact that IE9 out paces and is more standards-compliant than the most recent stables of other browsers is extremely exciting. The most important aspect of the browser is that it drives developers to support standards quicker, and that makes the internet a better place.

  6. I don't think Simon would have access to Rick's analytics. However, I may have something close enough to it. This is over one month's time of unique visitors that accessed SpreadPaint.NET ( :( ) While the sample isn't nearly large enough to gauge an accurate measurement, it should give you an idea of the browser usage amongst core Paint.NET users:


  7. @csm725: Here are some results pulled from this link: http://www.dailytech.com/Opera+106+The+Worlds+Fastest+Stable+Browser+Tested+vs+IE+9/article18909.htm

    SunSpider Benchmark

    1. Opera 10.5 353.4ms +/- 1.1%

    2. Chrome 6.0.408.1 489.6ms +/- 3.9%

    3. Opera 10.6 517.4ms +/- 5.7%

    4. Safari 5.0 (7553.16) 600.4ms +/- 1.1%

    5. Chrome 5.0.375.86 635.0ms +/- 3.6%

    6. Internet Explorer 9 807.4ms +/- 12.1%

    (Trial Build 3)

    7. FireFox 3.6.4 1396.6ms +/- 14.6%

    8. Internet Explorer 8 7228.8ms +/- 9.7%

    JSBenchmark (by Celtic Kane)

    1. Chrome 5 459 ± 0

    2. Opera 10.6 387 ± 0

    3. Chrome 6.0.408.1 355 ± 0

    4. Safari 5.0 (7553.16) 252 ± 0

    5. Opera 10.5 211 ± 0

    6. Internet Explorer 9 177 ± 0

    (Trial Build 3)

    7. FireFox 3.6.4 100 ± 0

    8. Internet Explorer 8 59 ± 15

    Futuremark Peacekeeper Benchmark

    1. Opera 10.6 5244 Points

    2. Chrome 6.0.408.1 5162 Points

    3. Chrome 5.0.375.86 4897 Points

    4. Opera 10.5 3323 Points

    5. Safari 5.0 (7553.16) 2606 Points

    6. Firefox 3.6.4 1939 Points

    7 Internet Explorer 9 1919 Points

    (Trial Build 3)

    8. Internet Explorer 8 829 Points

    Currently, Opera is the fastest web browser out of all gold release browsers (not developer builds). I have no doubt Chrome will catch up, but early FF4 beta benchmarks don't look promising in topping the mountain. The article makes an interesting point in that IE9 is starting to out-benchmark stable Firefox builds. This is good news to my ear as I have a lot of faith and hope rested in IE9. As well, my safety statement is derived from the fact that Opera is now using AVG technology to protect against fraud and phishing.

    @Frontcannon: Are you calling me a troll?

  8. I think the problem you are having is only with pasting .PNG image files. For some reason or another, the Windows clipboard only supports the alpha channel with the BMP file format. The easiest way to deal with it is paste your image into a temporary folder and then Layers -> Import from File.

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