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  1. hi, anyone that know a good image converter that can convert more then one image at the time to gif or/and jpg? edit: the format of the images i wana format is in bmp
  2. thanks hmm there is 3 .cs files for it...is that making a problem if i wana to do some changes and the map a new dll?
  3. this might be a stupid question, but can i gett the relief source anywhere? or its not for the public?
  4. Hi, i think that it chould be a great idea to add an option that save the history so that you tex: can go back and change... Can se exactly what u have done with ur project...(all the history can do...)All this after u have close PDN and then reopen ur project. Because of what i know, the history is gone when you reopen PDN. Is this possible? //sorry for my english, hope you know what i mean.
  5. Here is my image with master chief on. btw, does my avatar brake come rule?
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