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  1. Paint.net is awesome :D

  2. wow so simple but so effective, u didn't really need it on ureself tho
  3. i made that for my msn display pic so i think it counts as an avitar also my sig of course
  4. Ya this is me, i'm 15, i don't smoke cuz I'm not sad, i just did that 2 piss of my dad i know there's no air brush i look good enough without any oh also the picture is huge! cuz it was taken with an HD camera 1440 x somethng
  5. nah you pretty much got it. but i keep being drawn, back here.... i don't know why?! it must be that mysterious dot that's on the icon for this thread? does anyone know what that is?
  6. Hmmm...but it's not an argument, it's called humor :wink: i wish i read the whole thing then i might of got it
  7. wow....ummm i don't think i want to post here :shock: (not the idiotic argument thread)??
  8. Really? I thought this was the PDN forum..... you see thats what makes me mad!
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