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  1. We need it during Grid=On, which for us is the default most of the time. How about, it could auto-animate when Grid=On, would that be what you need or want? Which way would you prefer?
  2. I guess the thread got long and i'm tired, but... =) Stubborn, heh...
  3. With all due respect and knowledge of those systems we felt PDN was a perfect place to place a mod, sorry to have bothered the project with this query, thank you for the answers.
  4. I do feel we have been answered on this. You may if you will consider it a way to always display our proprietary "watermark" BG in the transparent areas for in-house work that may leave the premises, verses everyone's conventional checkerboard, call it an IP security feature.
  5. Your missing the point, the checkerboard is just the way someone decided to graphically display transparency in PDN, however, we want to graphically display it another way, meaning we want to customize that checkerboard in the PDN source code or plug-in, not remove it by adding a layer. Software should remove repetitive work cycles, i'm not saying for you to do this, we could, or someone else could. But, first i wanted to ask if it was already available, since it seemed plausible to us that it was an option. Our desired scenario is to take instant (but not by prolonged layer manipulations m
  6. Another layer is not what we want, we do not want it part of the file and we do not want to load it as a layer every time and move it to the bottom of some 100 layers, it might get saved in the file and sent out. Plus, since we have many sizes of multi-layer images, we'd have to fiddle with canvas resize and centering etc., or perfectly pick the BG we want, that's a problem that software should solve, not humans. That's too much extra work to do, and to keep adding a layer and taking it out every time we show the image. If it was something we could select or turn on/off etc. then we'd have
  7. All points considered. We always have the Grid=On, as we manipulate the pixels mostly, each layer needs to perfectly match up, like a multi-layer jig-saw puzzle. We work with images that have about 100+ layers per image/file (we see crashes past 100 in the old version, wish we could go to ~150-200 layers). I'll try and test v352 on a 100+ layer mock file, i'll take some time for that. Grateful you guys care about our issues, best regards, thxs for all.
  8. A keyboard short cut, we'd like to find a way to easily increment/decrement the Wand Tool Tolerance % with either the arrow left/right or up/down, or ???, while in the Wand Tool mode and have the result immediately grow/shrink our selection region. Currently, it's time consuming by hand to keep mouse clicking the Tolerance and re-clicking the Wand Tool (we go to Pan to see selection) and then re-clicking our reference pixel, so it would be quite an improvement to our work flow if it existed.
  9. We just do not want the checker board visible at times, we would find it extremely useful to toggle it off or replace it with one of our own design. We have needs in our work flow that would be serviced greatly by any feature that would allow us to mod the display of that default checkerboard. Whether it be off/on, solid, colored, or of a certain design.
  10. That's feasible, we can change from Wand(S) to Pan(h), to toggle and see both the selection and the true values, now all we need is a way to do the macros. Update: We tried putting this back in the cycle, but we're back to square one, we cannot easily see the outline. Turns out that we've been doing this for quite some time (going between Pan etc. and Wand) in our editing & work flow, but in the older version the animated outline was very visible easy to see, now it is not. Hopefully there'll be a fix for this outline issue in the future, we'll roll-back to the previous working versi
  11. Despite our issues with v3.5's selection outline & shading itself, is there a feature planned or present to change the % Tolerance incrementally on the fly for the Magic Wand Tool?
  12. Thanks for the fix idea Sarkut, i've looked at this more as it is come to be so much of an issue here, it appears we can see the selected areas as shaded, and once it is shaded we cannot determine the original pixel values. Which is confusing us because what we want to see is the differentiation of the areas selected and not selected. Somehow we thought this was more intuitive in the last version, we're going to setup a test system with the older version and roll back to it if we feel it meets our needs better than this version. That'd be okay since we have not found anything v3.5 does be
  13. There's little need to say monitors are not calibrated, we both see the same thin faint white&blue outline pixels. But i agree with my lab users, they and I cannot easily determine what parts have been selected during the new static magic wand selection outline and it was easier for us in the previous animated version for some reason, perhaps the area bounded/highlighted was also shaded more as well, i do not recall. Differentiation between areas selected & non-selected are very hard to see/determine now. It'd be nice to be able to adjust the selection shading and coloring to suit o
  14. Monitors are calibrated very well, we pay attention to that, it's this change of outline that is the issue.
  15. Is there an option or way to change it to a solid color or something else?
  16. Sorry, i can't easily see the new xor blending when using the magic wand. At least they could have given us some option for the color of it, i cannot easily see whatever it's doing probably because it is light gray?
  17. I'm trying out PDN 3.5 and my eyes really can't easily see the new selection outline, like i could from the previous builds, i have the hardest time now. IMO i should see a selection outline quickly & easily, or it slows down work flow. Anyone know how to turn the moving/animated selected outline back on? Any idea, or any plug-in?
  18. Many, Many Thanks! =) I was at the layer limits of v3.36, Paint.net kept crashing due to so many layers, now i'll see if i can complete my projects in one file instead of the headache of splitting up my projects into several pdn files in an effort to circumvent the layer crashes. =) Thanks again!
  19. Kinda, it was close, so thanks, i found the Plug-In Center near it! viewforum.php?f=27
  20. I thought there would have been a part of these forums specifically for people developing plug-ins, do we perhaps use the General Qs and look for pre-made plug-in in the tutorials forum? Is it on another site maybe? Please let me know, i have a plug-in concept i'd like to do. TIA!
  21. Hi fuentesmith, i really cannot find the help where you suggested, that link is to a commercial website, (hopefully you're not spamming us - read forum rule #23), can you post a link directly to the help on seeing PDN layer alpha?
  22. Re: Adjustments>Alpha Map... This plug-in may do it for my desires, it looks the best so far, i'll have to work with it more to see, if so great and thank you all for the assistance here! (Please post any other good/great ways to see the Layer's Alpha as well).
  23. Okay, this is sooo needed, after a large amount of layers PDN starts to glitch and choke and die... so this wonderful separate file rescues me. So thank you! Side notes: I do not see each file's thumbnail when i saved layers to the .PDN file type, therefore i feel i need to open each file to check the contents (someone mentioned layers not checked visible as not saving). Another quirk is that Layer Saver GUI does not close when done, and its progress bar remains full, though the Save Cancel buttons ungray themselves (So is it really done?). I tried drag&drop on to the program icon
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