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  1. :x um, yeah.... my bad! honestly, who really cares... sorry, i'm not gonna do it again (yeah, i'm kinda new to forums, so i didn't know there were "rules", but w/e), i was just wanted to get other people's opinions. i mean after all, ain't this supposed to be a "suggestions" section also...? just read my idea, tell me what ya think, cast a vote, and don't be disrespectful about it. much luv n' respect to everyone, no hard feelings y'all!
  2. never thought about it like that. i guess that could work. and about the "predefined picture sizes", i think that's kinda what i had in mind, or something very similar. what the heck does that mean?
  3. lately i've been custom designing a lot of things, and i was thinking... "hey, why not tell Paint.NET they should add presets/template designs & layouts...?" so that's why i'm here. do you think that would be a good addition to this program...? i know I'd personally think so. it would save a lot of time and effort, and i think everybody would like it. especially for people who spend a lot of time trying to master their overall look, just to make it look neat & perfect. and by Presets/Template/Designs/Layouts (whatever you wanna call it), i mean make something similar to look like a blueprint or an outline would, so that way you would be able to design as you'd like, but without the hassle of reading other blueprints just to get measurements for complete accuracy, when you'd already have accuracy for certain things, built right into the program. Now of course, Preset "designs" could be a possibility, but i think people are more into designing their own things, however, i could be wrong, but that's a whole other idea (if that's what you were thinking about). Certiain layouts could be for things like: Album Covers, CD Labels, Posters, Flyers, Occasion Cards, Business Cards, Advertisements, Brochures, etc.... you get it.... just to name a few.... but just make them alterable, in case you have to make adjustments. I know some other programs have this built in to them too, so why should Paint.NET be one "not" to have it? it's a really good program, wouldn't you agree? i've seen some of the things you can do with this program, and i'm really impressed. if you have any comments or ideas about something like this, or how to improve it, post em' up.... I would really like something like this to happen for the program. just keep this topic fresh. i hope someone important sees this and considers my idea. thanks for reading...
  4. is there anyway I can lock the disc shape down (so it can't be modified [temporarily])?
  5. I recently started graphic designing images for people who requested custom art. Since then, I have been able to make flyers, posters, ads, brochures, album covers, MySpace/Website designs, etc,. I have figured out a lot since I first found this program. I'm glad I did, because it makes everything easy. (Props to the people who made this). However, recently I was asked to make a CD Label. I said "sure", but I ran into a problem. I don't know how to make the canvas round/circular. how do you do this? Is it even possible to do this with Paint.NET....? If so, how...? If not, does anyone know of a good free program I can use to create CD Labels. I already know the dimensions of a standard-sized/regular Compact Disc. Now I just need to fix the canvas. Can anyone help? Thanks!