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  1. It is a great Blog. I was fascinated when i stumbled on it. I really want to try it. Thanks for the above tips/tools. I will have to play around with it. I won't show the end product, unless it is better than the above Thanks again people. Shaun
  2. Is there a way I could adapt a photo like these below? http://evgeny-parfenov.blogspot.com/ before after Is there a specific plugin in or anything? Cheers Shaun
  3. Cheers for this! Worked a treat. Last request... not sure if I should have started a new thread or not, but if someone could guide to any cutting tools, I would appreciate it... As I dont have a steady hand and need to cut a car... this one
  4. Thanks fella. Top notch! I will have a look and play around with them.
  5. HI Guys. May sound like a stupid question - but how do you get the grided background like in this one here... I like it, and would like to use it/ alter it for myself? Any ideas?
  6. So i take it, that it is not possible then? PLEASE someone help me
  7. I would like to bend text like this to go around the circle
  8. Yeah, I have tried that, it seems to turn the text, but not bend it in any way...
  9. I will have a go at it anyway Thanks/
  10. Hi All Can you please tell me is there a plugin for bending text, or a way to bend it. I can move it horizontally etc, but can't make it bend in the middle? Suggestions would be nice, thanks.
  11. I no longer feel bad I have even used it in the Avatar to prove it worked Look forward to trying some new stuff out tomorrow in work time Peace out peoples.
  12. Sorry! Just figured it out. It has to be as another layer. All sorted now. Great Plugin!
  13. For some reason I added text, went to use this tool and it doesn't work? Can anyone please help?