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  1. jpope.. your creations really are amazing.. loving that!!
  2. thanks yehh i wasnt sure wether you meant to or not.. looks great how it is though
  3. @ verndewd i like the looks of that site you made.. maybe the bend being balanced on both sides is the only thing i can see to make it better.. other than that bery well done!! heres a new sig im working on.. it will be resized when im finished on it.. not sure wether the name is to hard to read or not.. maybe just plain white suggestions welcome :wink: original pic croped pic with text
  4. well here it is.. i used your multiply layer idea.. that works great!! i shall use that from now on i also slightly adjusted both the brighntess and the contrast to give the ahh shadowy wave bit more definition thanks for your help
  5. it just seems as though it has like started to dissapear i guess.. does that even make sense?? i would just like to make the colours a little stronger again if thats possible
  6. just wondering if you think this is too much?? maybe ideas on clearing it up a little?? it would be very much appreciated
  7. thanks for that.. i am such a fool for missing it in the plugin forum thanks lots
  8. sorry about this but ive searched for this plugin for an hour or so now.. i cant find it under any searches ive tried. i used to have it but i had to redownload pdn so i lost it. can someone please put the link up in this thread?? thanks
  9. this is such an easy to use and effective tutorial.. well done!! this is my creation.. for sum reason a part of it is missing when i put it on photobucket.. ahh well lol *edit* when it came up in the forum window it was all there.. dont worry about that
  10. when you choose to save, in the menu that comes up, just go down to the bottom of the menu and click where it says pdn, then choose the file types that cmd said
  11. tryin to design a new sig... just cant figure what it needs any ideas? or corrections?
  12. whats the image you are trying to remove text from?
  13. an alteration to the avatar text tutorial.. only because the tutorial just didnt work for me
  14. Easter eggs ? not sure what they are.. just got the shape from the spiroshapes thing.. easter eggs they are
  15. that gets mentioned in the pdn v3.05 beta information thread doesnt it?
  16. a mix of a few effects... turned out pretty good yehh?
  17. oh wow lol i even searched fonts in the forums. must have missed it. sorry lol
  18. how to make new fonts i downloaded actually work. Like where abouts do u have to put them??
  19. that is so cool! i just randomly made this up messing about with a few of the things i no about the program lol
  20. The_Lionhearted... very nice sig. Easy 8/10 I reckon
  21. Another attempt.. Better or worse??
  22. Another attempt.. Better or worse??
  23. Nice madjik. Im thinking that only you would come up with that. It definently solves the problem...
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