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  1. I had a terrible music experience yesterday. I went over to a friends house and this is how the coversation went:

    Friend: Dude, I found this good band on the internet the other day

    Me: Cool, who are they?

    Friend: Just listen

    Me: I start listening and realize quickly that I am now listening to Pushit by Tool

    I am now trying to make myself feel safe and listening to The Beatles. That was the worst music I have ever heard!

    Sorry to any Tool fans, not my style

    GO TOOL! One of my favorite bands.

    Now listening to:


  2. No!

    Holographic Touchpad.

    Shun the non-believers!


    lol, i love that video...

    Anyways, to continue your Holographic touchpad idea, scientists are making contact lenses with computer chips which will be able to display floating screens visible to the wearer. I saw an article on cnet a couple weeks ago about this. They say they should get to the point of displaying simple, few pixel images "sometime in the near future".

    Computing will be amazing in the future though. I was messing around with my millinium windows comp a while ago. Its amazing how much things change. Future gaming will be insane though. I remember playing games on my nes and playstation. I remember every gameboy release. Games seemed amazing enough back then. Its funny to go back and replay them. When morrowind was released, i was stunned by how amazing the graphics were (http://www.spilkanon.dk/elder.jpg). I spent about the first 30 minutes playing that game just wandering around looking at all the scenery and everything because it was just so amazing. This was one of the most high-tech game at the time (2001 i think). Now, i would have to say the most advanced game is crysis (video picture) and there is still a TON of stuff that is being added to games due to advances in computers.

    Anyways, it will be impossible to predict what a distant future version of PdN will be like. Things change a ton really fast.

  3. My rant: 3390mb download. Do I need to say more?

    On the plus side though, its downloading at just under 800 kb/sec. Still though, its about an hour and a half. For all of you with dial up, I have no idea how you live.

    EDIT: Oh yea, then I have to split it into 4 seperate files, transfer them to my computer, put it back together, and install.

  4. well yeah.. but ive been using this forum for tuts for about a year, and im very advanced..

    gimme anyones sig and i can make it from scratch... exept used honda's or pyro's

    still a noobie

    Agreed. I used Paint.NET for over eighteen months before I registered, and I would still consider myself a newbie when I started.

    Thinking about it, it was acctually 1 year ago today when I first used PdN. It took me a while before I could acctually make something decent enough that you wouldnt close your browser the second you saw it. Ive gotten a ton better at graphics this last year, but ive moved on from the purely PdN part of myself.

  5. Anyways, in other news, I've DL'ed a trial of PS to see what it's like compared to PDN, and you can expect some pictures comparing PDN and PS, and then a little comparison review.

    Ill give my review, seeing how I used photoshop everyday last semester.

    Overall, PdN > PS.


    Pros: customizable brushes, a good ammount of filters to work from, different color modes to work with, liquify, takes up a ton of space, and all the power you will ever need.

    Cons: Not the best UI, slow startup, too many useless features, poorly orginized tools window, many additional filters cost extra, some filters are terrible (ex. Clouds. You cant change the scale, or anything at all. This might be fixed in a modern version, but not the version I was using), way too pricy.


    Pros: easy to learn, lots of effects, great UI, takes up little space, fast, freeware.

    Cons: No support for custom brushes, lack of some blend modes, not enough power (yet).

  6. * CMD says The GIMP is better

    From a purely features-based standpoint, many of the things for which new PDN users are asking are available in The GIMP: customizable brushes, importable PhotoShop brushes, Blur brush, "Liquify" distortion, anti-aliased selections, soft selections, editable text layers, individually editable layer channels, et cetera. The GIMP's downfall is its UI, which is admittedly lacking, but not impossible to learn.

    However, according to WikiPedia (and MMI's site), The GIMP is scheduled to receive a major UI overhaul by MMIWorks for the next version (2.6.x).

    The main thing is, The GIMP has been around longer than PDN. I used an old version (1.2.4, if I'm not mistaken) on an old distro of Linux I had installed once, and back then, The GIMP had quite a few "missing" features of its own. With the coming of PDN4, it sounds like Paint.NET will be able to compete fiercely on a features basis, but for now, The GIMP is my editor of choice. Nothing against PDN, but I love my Alpha Masks and my Layer Guides. :wink:

    Frojo says GIMP is better. Frojo also says GIMP + PdN = 2D graphic awsomeness, and much better than photoshop. Frojo also says GIMP + PdN + Blender = Graphic godliness.

    And Frojo also says Photoshop = huge, slow, expensive, and full of pointless things that do the exact same stuff as some of the other things in photoshop. You dont need 5 things to do the exact same thing.

  7. it means that im hearing the sound when im hitting an keyboard , since microsoft is from Bill Gates ....

    Currently hearing Born To Be Wild by The Off-Topic Posters

    Microsoft makes PC software though, not the keyboard. :wink:

    Back on topic: "What I've Done" - Linkin Park

    Ive got a microsoft keyboard. They make a ton more than just software.

    Atreyu - Her portrait in black

  8. Rant: Adobe Reader 8 :evil:

    "You must install a printer before you can print."

    I have 4 printers installed. :evil: :evil:

    I can only use a third of the stuff on my printer. I can print, but thats it. I cant scan, do the camera stuff, or all of the other stuff it comes with.

    Stupid vista... Why did my XP computer have to die?...

  9. :shock:

    Edit: Is, err... Frojo alright?

    Edit 2:

    By the way. How old are you now?

    I share a year with Myrddin. :)

    Yea, it wasnt where I live. There was one in Co. Springs, where pyro lives, and another in Arvada, which is north of me. Im up in Arvada all the time, including later that night.

    And at David, I live right next to Columbine. I acctually could have gone to that High School, because its not too much farther away than the one im in now.

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