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  1. Right click the image and choose open with. Then go down to select program. Find paint.net (C:/program files/paint.net), and make sure that the checkbox that says "always open this type of file with this program" is checked. Hit ok, and from now on, the filetype you did that with will open with paint.net. Do this for all the filetypes you want (.png, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, etc) and they will all open with paint.net

  2. [60] The Legend of Zelda series

    [35] The Worms series

    [40] The Elder Scrolls series

    [35] The Command and Conquer series

    [40] The Metroid series

    [70] The Super Mario series

    Oblivion is only as violent as you make it. Thats what I love about open ended games. You can do whatever.

    Down with Mario! The first couple were great, but the modern stuff isnt.

    And how dare you hurt worms CMD... Go get a copy of worms world party and see what you're missing.

  3. IMO, Mario peaked at super mario 3 for the NES. The paper mario stuff was pretty good, but as far as the platform marios go, nothing else compared to 3.

    But why did you have to take down from command and conquer? Those are games are insanely fun. I want to get C&C 3 sometime. Ive heard a lot of people who say they like it, and a lot of people who say they hate it, but the last one I got in the series was yuri's revenge.

    Also, go worms! Ive got to get myself another copy of worms world party sometime soon. Nothing beats those old 2D worms games. The 3D ones were a little bit of a dissapointment.

    But most of all, go Elder Scrolls! Those are the greatest games ever made. Morrowind is my favorite game by far. It gets pretty intense too. I went through 2 keyboards while playing that game. Its not as fun anymore though, seeing how after playing oblivion, I see all the stuff it lacks. If any of you out there play oblivion and also have a copy or want to get a copy of morrowind, keep an eye on this.

    The metroid games are pretty fun, but the only one ive really played is the first one on my NES a long time back. The Zelda games are alright, but I never really got too much into those for some reason. The need for speed series, im supriesed that hasnt died yet.

  4. So I was downloading something from download.com and on the right side of the page, they have this section called "More to try" which are other highly rated programs on the site. Right there on the second to top was Paint.NET.

    So I went to look on how paint.net was getting rated and stuff, and its still at a 4.5 from the users and also has a 5.0 from the Cnet people. Also, theres just over 1 million downloads. Right now the total is 1,051,237 downloads. The latest verion of the GIMP, added just 6 days after paint.net has 879,245 downloads and a rating of 4.0 from both users and the Cnet people.

  5. Page 4!How on earth did I create a thread that was this good?Normally when I post a reply to something it takes ages before someone replies!I'm almost like Death in the thread world!

    The reason its gotten this far is because of spam from that photoshop guy

  6. Ok, I.love.photoshop, stop spamming these forums. Photoshop is a better tool, we arnt denying that, but you've gotten this whole forum way offtopic. If you love photoshop so much, then leave here and go join a photoshop forum instead of trying to convince us to go pirate photoshop.

  7. Fair enuff you can say you have more fun coz yeh u can and its up to you

    but dont go round saying *i dont have a ton of money to spend on it*

    There are others ways of getting it other than off of adobe. (no money needed)

    my mate gave it to me off a disc and ive been told you can get it offa teh internet.

    plus paint.net couldnt be as good as photoshop, coz if it was im sure

    1) the pros would use it *they use photoshop*

    2) it wouldnt be free *it is*

    and yeh you dont need the *fancy* options but it makes it a hella lot better.

    and yeh paint.net aint all that bad. but my point is, photoshop is better

    And my point is your spmming and too scared to accept my request for a PDn vs PS challange.

    Or we can try to keep this ontopic and let the illegal ps user wait for a mod to come on and ban him.

  8. It might be something wrong with Internet explorer. Which version is it?

    And btw, this should belong in the overflow.

    I have tried it in both explorer 6 and 7.

    Can I move the thread to the right place and if so how?


    I think a mod has to move it.

    Anyways, this is probobly something to do with Internet Explorer. Theres some wierd stuff with that browser, and stuff like this can happen. For example, usedHONDA, a user on these forums, just put up another page on his site that for some reason, is formated wierd on Explorer, but works fine in firefox or other browsers.

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