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  1. Firey Text

    it turned out worse :oops:
  2. Firey Text

    It's linked to the number of time you applied the clouds effect. Retry with only one time. Then retry with only two time! Use also the level adjustment. ok then the last 2 times i did it i used 3 and 2, then i tried once more and did 4, i noticed that the 3rd click goes back to what it first looked like and the 4th click turned back to what it looked like the 2nd time
  3. LiteBrite(TM) Effect

    something i created i found it easier to use the image you supplied of an apple, so i could compare it like i expected yours is much better Found out what was wrong, re-doing it 2nd Version (the corrected one)
  4. Firey Text

    Not exactly what i thought would happen never the less its still good for backgrounds First attempt: Second attempt:
  5. The Not Letter Word Game

    poop -> smell
  6. The Three Word Game.

    Then something happened
  7. Borders?

    ok thanks for that
  8. Paint.NET v3.0 Alpha 1 is now available

    ok thanks for that
  9. Borders?

    Is it possible to make borders using pdn? if so can someone plz tell me how to thanks
  10. Paint.NET v3.0 Alpha 1 is now available

    it didnt work for me comes up with this on the link Not Found The requested URL /files/saveOurBluths/PaintDotNet_3_0_Alpha1.exe was not found on this server. Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat) mod_fastcgi/2.4.2 DAV/2 FrontPage/ mod_ssl/2.0.52 OpenSSL/0.9.7a SVN/1.3.2 Server at http://www.getpaint.net Port 80
  11. PSP Plugin Request

    Me too :oops: . Me three :oops:
  12. Paint.NET v2.72 is now available

    whats going to be new in 3.0 (or is it secret?)
  13. this should be pinned it would help a lot of new users
  14. i just changed the bottom still had the blue background area showing, bars werent to bottom
  15. hows this one? i think this is the 2nd one i posted here, upgrade from last one C+C welcome