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  1. Thanks! Such a simple plugin but can be so handy Something like this should be included
  2. This effect is really cool - works a lot better and than I thought 8)
  3. This is the most handy plugin I use... it works great for brightening dark pictures ...Glad to see it's included in Paint.NET now.
  4. Very nice! I had to use MS Paint one time to re-invert the colours on a picture lol - it's such a simple effect yet not included in Paint.NET :? ...I've been wanting this for while Nice job!
  5. Wow... after trying this you can make some cool effects with it :o Nice work!
  6. EXCELLENT plugin!! This will come in VERY handy! (Hopefully this one will be included in the next release)
  7. lol, in Canada we spell it "colour" as well, but we spell it "localization"...
  8. VERY nice improvement with speed. Well done, keep up the great work!! (BTW: Paint.NET is my main picture editor )
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