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  1. If I could write a plugin for this, I would. But this is something well outside my field of talent. It just doesn't sound like it would be difficult to add. I just don't know what it would involve, obviously.
  2. So the short answer is this feature will never be included? Well that's just freaking great. I wouldn't think something this small would result in being such a big problem. How bad is it to include alpha channel support for BMP's into the application? *Sigh* I can't find anything that supports this format, sadly.
  3. I was curious if their was any plan for 32-Bit BMP with Alpha Channel support anytime soon? I use a program that insists I use this file format and no other for some image files. I can't find any non-commercial software that supports this format and I can't code my own plug-in to do what I want as well. Any help?
  4. I see 3.08 is released but did 32-Bit Bitmap support not make it? I can't seem to figure out how I set the bit level of image file for export.
  5. In this case, I have to use TGA. I'll try to see if I can get a working TGA and a non-working TGA of the same identical image. And see what the diffrences are. In this case, the game seems to insist on TGA, sadly. Although, if you guys get that 32-bit Bitmap support i need going, I might be able to avoid TGA. Although is DDS a native export now?
  6. So nobody else has really seen this problem before? It seems like the image works with most regular software, it just might be something about Java that doesn't like it. I'm not sure. Perhaps I should do a little more testing.
  7. I've seen a few open source apps that supported a daily build schedule for the die hard users but, I'm not supprised there isn't one for this. Now, will the next release be out sometime the end of THIS month (i.e. in a few days) or next month? I really could use this 32-bit Bitmap support asap. It's irritating me a lot that next to nothing supports this format.
  8. Thank you. If a recent daily build might happen to contain it, I would be more then happy to grab it right now. I desperately need this kind of support asap, sadly. Thanks.
  9. But it's not the game that's having the problems. It's the java based player made interface editor. Which all it does is load up a bunch of XML and image files then tries to draw some of the in game assets on the screen. This java based interface editor doesn't seem to like any TGA files from Paint.NET. I'm suspecting it might be an issue with Java and TGA files that Paint.NET produces. Perhaps other Java applications might also have a problem.
  10. It is something you can add easly with like, a plug-in or something. The developers seem to insist on using a 32-bit Bitmap file format for this image file. I can't subsittute anything else for it, at the moment, and I can't seem to find anything that will work in this format. Not MS Paint, Gimp, Paint.NET and I'm not even sure how to do it with Photoshop Elements.
  11. I seem to have a wierd problem and I'm not sure what's the cause exactly. What I did was edit a TGA file using Paint.NET and then tried to load it into a program that intended to mimic an online game user interface to help test custom UI packages (For those who care to know, The game is Dark Age of Camelot and the UI editor is known as the DAOC User Interface Editor v 1.79) The Editor was built in Java. When the editor tries to load the TGA files, java throws an error. Reason: java.io.IOException: Invalid file format. Now, a TGA file I edit with any other program, seems to work just fine, but for some reason. Paint.NET does something to the image that the editor doesn't like. Anyone think they have an idea of what's up? Even if I take a working file, load it into Paint.NET Then immediately save the file, the file fails to work. What's up?
  12. I got a game, that seems to insist on using 32-Bitmaps for one of it's image data files. I can't seem to find any paint program that'll let me explicitly say, "Save in this format". How can I do it in Paint.NET?
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