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  1. Performance Update I've improved the speed and performance, upgraded jquery and bootstrap libraries, and made some minor UI fixes again with recent changes. When loading and using the app, there should be a noticeable difference. What makes it faster? Instead of toggling the visibility of individual elements on the page, it is now building the html in a JS variable and replacing the entire list html. This way the browser does less work overall. Comparing Chrome performance results, scripting and rendering time has been halved. Comparing Firefox performance results, Layout & DOM time/cost has been halved.
  2. Do you perhaps remember what version you upgraded from and assuming you upgraded to the latest (4.1.6)? Store version? Was it through the in-app upgrade or some other method? Could give some context into what happened and maybe others could figure it out.
  3. Those "puzzle symbols" meant those adjustment tools were plugins. I don't know if plugins being removed after an upgrade is normal behavior or not but those appear to be from BoltBait's plugin pack, you can try downloading and reinstalling his plugin pack.
  4. In regards to the "Plugin Errors" always being displayed in the Settings window now even when there are no errors, possibly you could give visual cues when there is something to look at and when there isn't? When I see a warning triangle there I instinctively want to check it out every time I open Settings even when there is nothing wrong. Potentially you could show the plugin icon without the warning triangle when things are fine or with a green check mark, display the warning triangle when there is interesting output to look at?
  5. Realized this should probably be a new thread from comment above.
  6. Edit: Misinterpreted the question. It seems like it would be handy to have a 'Lock' feature on a selection so that it doesn't disappear right after deleting.
  7. I am able to reproduce this by resizing the window from the bottom and dragging it all the way to the top. It then becomes uninteractable and even difficult to close. There may be ways it can be prevented, however there is some Windows magic you can do to fix it! It seems you are on Windows 10 which is good. Shift + Right click on Paint.NET in the taskbar and select Size. Then your cursor will appear on the window with the arrow cursor. Then click, hold, and drag down.
  8. Paint.NET doesn't have any fonts of it's own, it uses the font's currently installed to Windows, default and ones you've downloaded and installed from the internet. Here's a resource for default Windows fonts:
  9. This advice isn't just for Paint.NET, whenever you are working on something in any program, make sure to save your progress as often as possible because you will lose your work to unexpected events like that.
  10. BoltBait's Fill from Clipboard plugin does the trick. Copy your fill pattern. Select all then use the plugin selecting the desired tiling option.
  11. I don't think the video codecs would be relevant for an image editor. The image extensions you have listed would be the ones to use: HEIF, RAW, WebP. As for plugins already existing, there are already user-made plugins for RAW and WebP that you can use for both classic and Windows Store versions: RAW WebP Though, I have no idea how easy or possible it would be use those Windows Store items and could still be an option. However, how many image extensions are available in the store? If there are enough it may make sense to try and support them.
  12. Why would someone lax security just because it's not critical? Three tries I think is a fairly standard practice for sites regardless of the content/purpose. The problem appears to be that you don't remember your login details, not an issue with the forum login system. The login system here isn't much different from others on other social platforms, except lacking something like 2FA of course. To solve the actual issue here, I think you should take advantage of the username and password saving feature in Chrome (if that's what you're using) or store your login details in a place that you're most comfortable with. Some examples to look at are 1password, lastpass, or if you don't trust online mediums, a local-offline tool keepass. Or just write them down on paper/notecards. However, when trying to log in with just my email it does not appear to work as you've said. Only the username appears to work. It's probably something to be brought up to the forum software InvisionCommunity which this is based off of.
  13. This is definitely possible using pyrochild's Trail plugin and a little bit of work. 1. Make sure your text is on a second layer (Layer 3 in photo) surrounded by transparency. 2. Duplicate that layer of text (Layer 2 in photo). 3. Use the Trail plugin with fade-out disabled, max distance (500 unfortunately but should be enough), and spacing of 1. 4. Use magic wand to select your trailed text and fill using the color of choice... done! Result:
  14. There also appears to be the DataContractJsonSerializer also built into the .NET Framework.
  15. Performance Update Hey everyone, I've done some updates to make the loading and performance of the search app faster again! All the changes in more detail can be found here on the pull request. In short, the generated site is now smaller and load times are significantly faster (~.5s to 1s) --- now using the compress layout. Main javascript file is now in a module-pattern and the main css is now in scss format for easier maintenance.
  16. You may be confused as to the active layer and what the checkbox means. The checkboxes will turn rendered layers on and off and does not affect whether you can draw in them or not. The currently selected layer (highlighted in blue) is the layer that you are currently interacting with, draw on, etc. regardless of whether the check is selected or not.
  17. Well, if we were to go back in time... here's some logo history via wayback-machine: (circa 2006) (also circa 2006) (circa 2013 to present) In my opinion, it has been modernized to an extent. The current logo looks nice and shouldn't need to change aside from a potentially higher resolution.
  18. Hey Scott, it looks like all of the links and one image (by AndrewDavid) in that thread are broken / no longer exist.
  19. It looks like your image is not corrupted but the problem was that you overwrote the pdn file as a png -- preserving the pdn file extension. You will have to change the file extension from pdn to png and you may open the image again! However, since you overwrote it with the png version, if you had layers in your pdn file you will have lost those. You can rename the file with command prompt by cd'ing to the path the file is located and then renaming it. C:\Users\MyUsername>cd Desktop\ C:\Users\MyUsername\Desktop>rename MyImage.pdn MyImage.png
  20. There are no infected links going on here. Let's break down the "" link you are seeing. Note two things: Invisioncommunity makes the software this forum uses and their cloud service uses amazon aws.; cloud storage service ips-cic-filestore/ "IPS" stands for Invision Power Services and "CiC" appears to stand for community in the cloud. This is the cloud or "filestore" for an Invision-based forum. r125076/ I assume this is the forum id for Paint.NET of some kind to separate files from other forums in the filestore. monthly_08_2015/<file name here> The filestore breaks up uploaded files by months. It is not a confirmed malware... sure in the general sense someone could use "s3.amazonaws" storage to host malware of their own. However, the service and domain itself are not malware. The file you were downloading is not malware. Amazon AWS is a very popular service used by many sites for storage and other services which is why you would be seeing it everywhere as you navigate the web. You did a scan and nothing turned up because you are fine!
  21. Update! First time I'm posting an update here haha. I bring a performance enhancement to the Plugin Index by pre-loading the data into the page with Jekyll so that there is no need to fetch the data after page load. You should see the plugins on the page now without any delay!
  22. How old is the laptop? Could the battery be going bad? By saying you checked for something in the background, did you look at the task manager processes?