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  1. Actually I am not sure if it is due to the old version .. maybe another reason. Content aware fill and Circle Text (I cannot use other fonts). Thank you!
  2. Hi everybody! In recent versions, some plug-ins are no longer compatible, so I want to reuse the old version. Where can I find and download old versions !? Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone! I have some problem I want to, like this: 1/create a pattern 2/ fill it Please help me find plugin usefull (some plugin is obsolescent ) Thankyou!!!
  4. Hi everyone! have plug-in text box like photoshop?? like this: (to leave the text only in the box ) Please help me!!! I real need it! Thankyou!!!
  5. Hi everyone! I have some problem, like this: *Pic 1 it have many dots, I use Brightness/Contrast: Brightness: 0, Contrast: 10 *So Pic 1 into Pic 2 *But Pic 3 into Pic 4 too *Pic 4 have some white stripes, it's hard to see (Pic 1,3 in the same pic) (Pic 2,4 in the same pic) Please help me! Thankyou!
  6. Hi, everyone!!! I have some problem. Please help me!!! How i can do this? Thankyou!!!!
  7. Thankyou, but i don't know how to stroke... like this
  8. Hi, everyone!!! Problem 1: I have a problem with the picture I want to edit ( The first picture is the one I have The second picture is that I open, do nothing, then save it, and it has lots of NOISE (is many tiny dots) Problem 2: can "vertical", "rotate", "stroke" text??? Everyone help me Thank you!!!