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  1. Hi! I just wanted to perform "image adjustments" that affect the whole image anyway (didn't select anything), and was wondering how to apply it to all layers, but apparently I can't. It's quite a nuisance for this use-case. I have to perform the same action for each layer. Which can be a lot.
  2. Hi! It seems like paint.net doesn't handle something properly anymore. When I make changes from a saved image then undo it I get a warning for unsaved changes, which is not the case. Works the other way around as well. I undo something from a saved state, then re-do I also get the warning.
  3. You would with 6000+ posts... I made those 27 over years, when I had something to ask or talk about. Usually I only remember what's wrong when I'm locked out. And as you pointed out the forum lies twice. First that I can use the e-mail, and second that I used the wrong password, which also implies that he username was fine.
  4. The forum login lies and that alone eats up the three tries... I just mentioned the other as a potential issue. I'd say 5 is more the norm, from my experience. Also, usually other logins are nice enough to warn me after the first failed try that I have four tries left. The measures should be in sync with the value of what it protects as Joshua points out. The forum could force everyone to buy custom hardware keys and take fingerprints from everyone via a security firm while also mandating a 100 character password x number of letters-small-and-large/numbers/special characters. And lock out on the first failure, so you need to personally appear at whichever country/address to restore your credentials (after exhaustive biometric and DNA testing of course) How could you think compromising this level of security for convenience and monetary reasons?
  5. Yes, this. And also the same is displayed on the full login page. Also the 3 tries are needlessly few. This not some website that's a target to hacking. There's no money in hacking an account. You missed my point. My usernames vary across websites so I don't always know which one to use on websites I don't visit frequently. (Especially if I can't use any of my favored ones). Also the length of the e-mail address doesn't matter because it's in the form history, since it's a commonly used for logins.
  6. So what's the state nowadays? Is lossless JPEG editing still not possible?
  7. Hello! Since I didn't see any dedicated website bug section I post here. This really sucks. I always get screwed by it. I naturally enter the e-mail because the username is necessarily variable. (It may be taken...) By the time I figure out why can't I log in I'm always locked out from the forum, because there's only a mere 3 attempts. (As if this is web bank login or something.)
  8. But what if I have full layer, and I only want to make transparent a selected area of it?
  9. I didn't think this topic would stoop to etymological research. But anyway, it's really cumbersome creating extra layers then removing them. Well, that's that then. Consider this a feature request then.
  10. Hi! I often find it to have a great negative effect on the image I try to view/edit. Especially if it has fine details.
  11. I wouldn't say all, but it's common. Doesn't help with the buttons on the right though. Not if they're covered by one of said floating windows.
  12. Hi! I find the white background black text harsh on the eyes, but black (very dark) background isn't really better, I find it more difficult to read. I prefer backgrounds medium dark, which is easy on the eyes and it's easy to read. Though others might have different preferences. So why not allow to set the background color and text color? PS: Are there know issues with the forum? Recently I could only login via the reset password feature, but the new password doesn't work. I also don't get any e-mail notifications even though I subscribe.
  13. Perhaps, but that requires to know the shortcuts beforehand. And one who uses the menus probably won't.
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