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  1. Ok i got it. WIA service was disabled. Its really strange that for printing used scanner service. Even strange coz it runs system image viewer for printing which works well with no WIA service enabled.
  2. No I dont. Library is on system. Win7x64SP1. Dll is system and system32 folder present.
  3. Have the same error with current Paint.NET. Please advice to fix it.
  4. source is rev eng it says 3.5.11 n it incomplete as i see. Well heck with it.
  5. Its enuff to says no twice. With no all this other words. Fine i can live without it.
  6. Well I'm not sure about 3.5.11. I find it on some site. Anyway I'm stupid developer. I'm just try to ask minimal action from Rick. Just turn on some options while compile it.
  7. Can ya share sources for outdated v3.5.11 at least? I try to find it but it's not full. I try to compile it for myself. There exist v3.01 build and it works well. But I wanna some stable version. I dont ask any support. Just add neon while compiling whith any cpu option and sources for dropped version. Thats all.
  8. Look at xda. But ya don.t I got it. What a pity.
  9. Well It's not true. It have full desktop support in right hands (MS hide it okay okay). Ya just need switch neon support while building thats all im ask (just about two mice clickin). Look at VueScan it have full support for WinRT (the same for WinARM). Its not Metro UI its true win32arm. The same for VLC for win32arm (not Metro UI VLC) will released this summer. There is exist net.core 4.7.2 for WinRT. ALT/MFC for it. Trick in VS (any version start from beta 2011) for build it (but ya even dont need it, just made any cpu build, net apps build easy for any cpu incl arm). Im not askin to much. I dont wanna to say about other community builds like keepass, far, 7z, winfile, windjview etc. VueScan supported by developer and it works fine with my scanner. But I need an good editor for it. Just switch neon option what Im askin. Thats all.
  10. Hi there Rick! Can ya build Paint. NEt with NEON support for ARM? I try to run it at my WinRT but I gett SSE support error. I suppose if ya add NEON i can run sucdefuly at WinRT and avaiting Win10forARM.
  11. Oh right... But It's still "Dark" in English even with Russian UI. Is it coz of beta? Does release will be translated well?
  12. Rick Brewster please add "Dark" into translation resources at cowdin.
  13. Ok I'm in like hooddy user. Please invite me in there.
  14. Вполне. Спасибо! Yes it's fine
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