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  1. I appreciate the feedback; thanks. Here's what I've tried so far... 1) I had copied "wiaaut.dll" -- the original was still in my Windows / system32 folder. 2) WAIS was set on automatic. I restarted it just to be sure, and the issue persists 3) I tried PdnRepair.exe, no help. 4) I again uninstalled PDN (after checking that I had Microsoft net 4.5) and reinstalled from a fresh download of the PDN 4.0.3 version into a different folder in C:\ -- Issue still persists. 4) I also tried adding the files from Print It (Tools Effect) Further suggestions would be appreciated...... BTW, my workaround is to save files from PDN on the hard disk & open and print from Paint... cumbersome but it works.
  2. When I click on "Print" a Windows warning box pops up: "paint.net The Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) library, "wiaaut.dll" is unavailable. Please read the Help file... for troubleshooting information. OK" This only occurs on one of my computers, a Dell desktop running Windows 7 Home Edition. I tried uninstalling a version of Paint.net when it first showed up, and reinstalled from a fresh download, but still there. I found the dll on my harddisk and put a copy in the C:\Paint-dot-NET folder, but that didn't help either. The problem has been there in several versions of Paint.net, and I keep hoping the next version will resolve it. Any suggestions? Thanks! 29july2014: I've tried several ideas (listed in a comment below), to date unsuccessfully. I'm still open to further ideas...
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