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  1. Thanks for looking into it and discovering the problem...and doing it so quickly. Much appreciated!
  2. The plugin for the Alpha Mask Import doesn't contain a single .dll file. It only contains the following file extensions: SLN, CS, CSPROJ, RESX, USER....plus a couple of png's. So which of these, if any, are not necessary to put into the Effects folder?
  3. Alright I uploaded a file and sent you the link. It's about as simple a file as can be...just an image with the background removed. I figure whatever the issue is it's going to apply to all pspimage files I have regardless of the number of layers it contains. I won't be surprised if it turn out to be something simple (for you), so I'll look forward to your response. Thanks again, deejay
  4. I even changed the default program for pspimage files to Paint.net but it still isn't working for me. Paint.net opens other file types in the same folder open no problem. I'm running this on a seperate computer that doesn't have Paint Shop Pro installed on it, if that makes any difference. Other than that there is no difference in the systems.
  5. No. The files are on my hard drive. Well I've tried opening every pspimage file I have so I'll just move on. If I discover the problem I'll let you know.
  6. Hmm...I'm not having any success opening pspimage files. I keep getting "There was an error reading the file from the media". I stayed away from any files that I know contain vector layers, but I couldn't even open jpg files that I had erased the background and saved as a pspimage file in order to preserve the transparency. I'll assume it's "operator error" at this point, but does it matter if my files were created using PSP X6? Thanks for your help, bro. -deejay
  7. Well...I actually think it's okay now. By working with much smaller areas at a closer view I'm able to can control the effect much better. Learning process.
  8. I was pretty excited to see that you created a smudge brush as I use it often in other programs. However, I felt that the effect was rather intense, even when setting it to #1. As a result, it works more like a "push" brush set at low intensity rather than a "smudge" brush...at least for my purpose. I use "smudge" to smooth out skin and wrinkles and to softly blend inconsistancies in skin complexion, so if the effect is too strong it's not going to look natural. Just giving my feedback, in case you decide to make any adjustments in the future. Thank you for creating those plugins. You and all the other contributors are simply amazing. -deejay
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