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  1. I see some very good entries this time around in the Impressionism competition. I also see one or two not providing links to images used ? I would think if you have edited a photo (stock or found) then it would be the decent thing to do and provide a link to the original also. Even upload the original to a hosting site ? 

    A few have supplied links and it is interesting to see just what manipulations have been done, well done for your creativity. :)

  2. I have Picasso on my computer, but have rarely used it.  I found it a bit too complicated and will not miss it.  Thanks for the heads up though :beer: .

    I used to have it on my old PC, but after an upgrade I never got round to re-installing it. I liked the quick edit features of it, but now on windows 10 there are apps on the store that can "quick edit" photo's. Personally I won't miss it, but I am sure many will. 

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