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  1. Understandable confusion. If a host continues after another host has started the original thread, the poll has to be opened in a new one, due to being unable to modify the original thread - Now that's confusion :lol:

    :lol: That had to be read more than one time for sure :D

    On the topic - There is some really good entries in the Flags comp, I am forever amazed at the level of creativity from the members on here.  :beer:

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  2. I'm sure I read somewhere on this forum a suggestion about having text message verification upon creating a new account, I would doubt not many spammers would make the effort to either buy or use an existing cell phone sim card just to post pointless junk, some e-mail accounts now want you to enter a valid and active cell phone number in order to complete the registration process. 

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  3. Hello, 

    I've been using Paint.net forever, through several Windows and paint.net versions, however since I have installed Win10, I have been experiencing regular hangs and crashes, and it takes much longer to start up. (It will usually go into "not responding" before it finally arrives) .. I haven't been able to pin any kind of pattern so I can re-create the problem; I believe it's just random.. (It might be only on Open and Saves .. but I can't be sure. I'll pay attention from now on.)  Yes I do have the current version 4.0.6 ..



    And I thought it was just me, I also have this issue since installing Windows 10 and paint.net 4.0.6 (no crash though, but often a not responding prompt in the upper left of the ui. 


    I'm not using too many apps, but the ones I use (Mail, sometimes Edge) seem unfinished, beta at best and lack essential features like Drag'n'Drop support. The Edge browser is one big disappointment. It could have been great but it isn't. As mentioned before, it doesn't sync favorites, doesn't support Drag'n'Drop and no one knows when the promised Extension Support will arrive. Password-saving and auto-fill works sometimes, sometimes not.

    I agree, also after using Mail for the first time, I suddenly find my inbox flooded with spam. I also don't like the constant having to verify my account, especially when i use my outlook password to log onto my PC on start up.

    Aside from that I do like a lot of the features and it's good to see a start menu of sorts (if a little bulky)  

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