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  1. Is there way to rotate an image just a fraction? I do not want 90 degrees rotation of any kind of flip, just turn the image clockwise a degree or two to square up the frame. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hi when I use the clone tool I get very clear circles showing the brush size and distinct edges. How can I get the cloned part to blend in better with the surroundings. Axel
  3. Hi, We have an old black & white photograph which has a bad crease acrosss the middle. This shows up as a ragged white line after scanning in. What is the best way to remove this a blend the grays together? I have tried the clone tool which work quite well but you can see the circles and curves from the brush on the clone tool although I have tried various point sizes. Is there perhaps a way to use the clone tool then select the area and blend the gray together to get rid of the curves from the brush? Any help would be appreciated. Axel
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