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  1. Hey I don't feel the love dipstick. I didn't want it to cause any negative feeling, and I'm sorry that it did. Stay in the light. Regards Gary
  2. Hi Guys, I think I have it, it's not perfect, but I like it, just picking up PS and it's a bit hard ... many thanx for your help. Regards Gary
  3. I have ordered this from Amazon. it's a real pain.....
  4. Hi Pixey, the black plexi glass I am using to get the reflection, is pretty dusty, have tried washing it, soft sponge, and also using a soft anti static brush, also micro cloths. What happens is I take a pic or rather 20ish 😊 I then place them into LR and you can see the dust, it's very bad, it's all over the plexi-glass, I can't simply clone or heal etc as there is a gradient to the background, I have even tried a fan running continues. So I think it must be due to the angle my camera is at and the angle my flash is at, (of camera) if I get it right there is a vast improvement, still not perfect, but what is. I haven't tried continues light, but my preference is flash. Then there is the post processing, either in paintshop pro or lightroom/photo shop, unsure if I should learn to process, this takes me away from learning photography, chicken and the egg sort of thing. I hope I have made myself clear, any pointers/advice on anything would be appreciated .. Many thanx for your interest... Regards Gary
  5. Still having difficulty with post processing. here's my latest attempt it's not perfect, and I will keep trying, just bought the book "Light Science and Magic" I hope this might allow some understanding. The problem I have is dust on the plexi glass, it shows up in picture, but I think it has something to do with the angle I take the picture at. This is why I bought the book (kindle). I hope all had a great Christmas 😁
  6. Thanx Pixey, it looks great, now I will have a bash at this editing thingy. it does look sexy nice 😊 copied & paste your instruction, so I will have a try if it's any good will let you know. Much appreciated Regards Gary
  7. Well that was helpful, take a new photo. never a thought that this was what I want ? but thanx for the background tip.
  8. Hi Guys, I hope someone could help me out, I want to remove the crocodile clips from my pic. I have tried a couple of the simple methods, but I don't want the picture reduced. The other one didn't come close to matching the background. It's probably my fault, anyhow can you have a wee look. 😊 Thanx Gary
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