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  1. Star Stable RULES!!!!!!!!!

  2. Star STable RULES!

  3. I want to see all the cool pics here!

  4. You are super awesome with paint.net dude.I REALLY like it.It's SO cool.My dad(RedBeard)reccomended I come look at your gallery.After all,he told me that you are one of the people who inspired him with paint.net.And you inspire me too!I see what he means!I NEED to learn how to do that stuff.They are SO SUPER cool.
  5. I love your pint.net pics.They are SO AWESOMELY AWESOME!I wish I knew how to do stuff like that.I have to learn though.I mean,practice makes pefect right?Anyway,you got some AWESOME pics here.I LOVE amiring your work.It's super cool.I SO can't wait 'till the next pics come in!
  6. i want to see all the cool pics here!

  7. okay,I gotta admit i really love the butterfly.It is so sheik.Your gallery is one that my dad(RedBeard)recomended I look at,so I thought it MUST be good.My dad has a LOT of good art too,so you should check out his gallery.I'll be waiting for the next post!
  8. Very detailed alarm clock.I like it.It is SUPER DUPER cool.It looks like you took a picture.I wish I could have that alarm clock.lol.You do some fine art here.
  9. I like the Cyd pic.It is cool.I never thought you could do something like that on paint.net.I guess I was wrong!:)I didn't even know about paint.net until my dad told me about it.I don't have a gallery yet,but I will once I start doing something other than coloring on paint.net.
  10. I want to see my Daddy's cool pics!

  11. I want to see my father's pics!

  12. I really liked the phionex tea party one.That was wickedly awesome.I've never seen something so pretty and magnificent.Keep up the good work!I can't wait 'till you update it!
  13. You did excellent on these.I can tell you definitley have a taste in art.You are really good.I especially love the first pic of the ball with the stars-or was it hearts?-anyway,I really like that one.
  14. The sword really fits your signiture daddy.It is so TOTALLY cool.lol :Tutorials:
  15. Hi daddy!It's me again!I just wanted you to know AGAIN that I absolutley positively LOVE your pic of the sword,That is SO cool.I can't wait 'till I learn how to use paint.net better then just coloring pictures I save.Talk to you soon! Love, Ragdoll
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