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  1. BlastWave's Gallery - Rough Landing

    Thank you everyone! Here are two fighter jet profiles I made a few weeks back, I think I'm going to do a few more of these soon.
  2. BlastWave's Gallery - Rough Landing

    Thank you! They do look a bit like sharks, now that I look at them. --- Here's a new scene. A Russian cosmonaut and his pet drone standby for a rescue helicopter next to his Vostok space capsule after a rough landing somewhere in Kazakhstan.
  3. BlastWave's Gallery - Rough Landing

    Thank you @LionsDragon @barbieq25 and @Seerose ! @AndrewDavid I think you'll find your red squadron of F-20 Tigersharks will be stopped by my specialized airborne railgun and naval fighter wing before they can take out my tanks.
  4. BlastWave's Gallery - Rough Landing

    Thank you everyone! @LionsDragon The "cow-catcher" at the front of the tank is what Eli said it is. It is a mine-plow which is used to push forward dirt and clear mines in front of it, preventing said mines from rolling underneath the treads and detonating. Here is an image of the real life M1A1 "Abrams" Main Battle Tank equipped with a mine plow mounted to it's front. There is also "mine rollers" which do effectively the same thing. I'm back after some time! Here's some of my new work. I've been experimenting with perspective and a few other new effects and tricks. Space warships in transit. And finally, here is a little bonus. A DeLorean DMC-12.
  5. BlastWave's Gallery - Rough Landing

    Thank you everyone! @AndrewDavid Looks like we're gonna have to take this fight to land!
  6. BlastWave's Gallery - Rough Landing

    Two more submarines. This one is as large as the American Ohio class SSBN which is 170m in length.
  7. BlastWave's Gallery - Rough Landing

    Thanks Woodsy! Yeah, now that I look at it you're right, I should probably make the panel lines a bit more visible. Thank you LionsDragon! The PDN army grows larger by the day. Thank you Pixey! I feel like I do a lot of ground/air vehicles, so here's something a bit new. This is my attempt at drawing a full scale submarine based on the real life Virginia class SSN/nuclear attack submarines. It took around 6 hours to do, but I'm happy with the results. I plan on doing a cutaway of the interior next.
  8. BlastWave's Gallery - Rough Landing

    Thank you all for your kind words and the reputation ! Here's today's piece, this one of my latest aircraft design. Kind of my attempt at a promotional image/advertisement, I tried to make it look kind of "half 3D" by duplicating the wings and the intake as well as the landing gear and I think it worked out well! Here it is separate from the scene. I couldn't decide how I wanted the cockpit, so here's both of them.
  9. BlastWave's Gallery - Rough Landing

    Thanks guys. I'm happy how the pylons have come out myself. @AndrewDavid Sorry, I don't have an alien drawn, so I guess it's inside the van. Here is the full squad + their dropship. It's based on the UD-4L from Aliens, but with a lot of my own changes. I also tried to do some ranks and the air-crew/pilots of the dropship as well. Here is today's scene too, I'm testing out some new foliage (the pine trees). I'm having an absolute blast with Red Ochre's FurBlur, it's so good for making grass and you can do tons with it.
  10. Actually, this gives me an idea for the paintbrush/eraser tool! Would it be possible to assign actual shapes to the Paint brush and eraser tool? Like uh, all of the shapes already there? So for example you could have a square shaped eraser like in MS Paint and any other shape that is already in PDN.
  11. AndrewDavid˝s Creations .... Aston Martin

    I'm really liking your city, AndrewDavid! The buildings look very cool.
  12. BlastWave's Gallery - Rough Landing

    Thank you very much everyone! N-ice pun @Beta0 ! Here's something new. I tried to animate a scene with grass swaying, basically each section of grass is on a separate layer and I render Pyrochild's Jitter plugin on the lowest settings at a horizontal angle and it sort of creates the effect like it's moving. It's not perfect, but I'm satisfied with how it has come out. The troops were inspired by the Colonial Marines from the movie Aliens. I can post the rest of them and a dropship if people would like to see that. Non-animated version.
  13. How to make semi-realistic pixel art style trees!

    Thank you Pixey and Woodsy! I'm glad you guys like it. Thank you for the thoughts, Red Ochre! I'm going to test out your Object Bevel plugin for this and OverBlur, it'll probably work better. Thanks Ego Eram! Ooh, I'm definitely going to try this! Thanks Joshua ! Wow, beautiful tree Andrew! It looks great. You're welcome Pixey! Excellent tree, I love the bird.
  14. SOTW#167 - Entries - Your Favorite Place.
  15. BlastWave's Gallery - Rough Landing

    Thank you! You guys wanted it, so here it is. A tutorial on how to make trees in my style: And as a bonus, here's a scene I made a month ago of some troops scaling a mountain.