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  1. OK... disregard the entire above post. I kept thinking that the issue was resolved but it is not. Paint.net on my computer takes 5 minutes to open an image THE FIRST TIME it is executed. If I wait the 5 minutes (during which time the computer is entirely unresponsive, although keystrokes are saved and executed after the 5 minute waiting period), then close Paint.net and then open the same, or a different image, it fires right up as it should. This issue is deeper than I initially thought and must relate more to other software/drivers on the computer than to Paint.net. I'll have to trouble-shoot this another day because my brain can't wrap around the problem now. Some weeks ago I entirely uninstalled Paint.net and removed its registry entries, re-booted and re-installed it only to suffer the identical issue.. Ho hum. If anybody has any hints in the meantime, feel free to comment. Cheers.
  2. I would just like to mention that I've been a 'victim' of very long opening times (yes, the three-to-five minutes as mentioned above), and because of this post I found that my Effects folder contained two .txt files and a .pdn. When they were deleted opening times returned to normal. I've been frustrated by that for months! Glad to say it's now fixed. Looks like it's a no-no to have any foreign file-types in the Effects folder. It would seem that I was incorrect in my above 'resolution'. (I neglected to rename the Effects folder back after changing it). However, when the Effects folder is renamed, Paint.net opens quickly and as expected so the problem does lie with one or more DLL files. I'm starting to trouble-shoot by renaming the oldest effects and seeing what happens. So far I've renamed all DLLs older than 2014 and the program (right-clicking on a file and selecting Open With Paint.net) now opens in around 30 seconds. With the Effects folder renamed the program and image open almost instantly, so the issue is definitely caused by one-or-more Effects. Hopefully, I'll have the time to narrow this down to the offending culprit. My currently-installed Plugins are as follows: sb-plugins TechnoRobbo's pyrochild dpyplugins BoltBait shadow effect1_3. and 'feather' I'll let you know if I find the culprit(s)
  3. I get the above error (Win 10 'anniversary' 64bit) but when I click the Yes button I get this: After clicking OK, all seems to load properly. Is there anything I can do to avoid the error? Thanks in advance.