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Lock Transparent Pixels

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No, sorry. You can't even go as far as to lock a layer in Paint.NET just yet.

All the same, though, could you provide a link to that tutorial, please, so we could look at the feature in context; I may have misinterpreted you. Although, there is very little you can 'lock' in Paint.NET, so chances are that I am right and you can't.

Do take sabrown's response into consideration also.

Does this help somewhat?

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Thanks. There is no way to do that in Paint.NET.

There are alternatives to use though, such as alpha masking (plugin | tutorial), or very simply using new layers, perhaps in combination with the aforementioned alpha masking. That's how I would go about it because an alpha mask can give you a clean removal of unneeded aspects of your work, if you create the mask well enough first hand, of course.

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