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How Do I resize images without resizing all of the layers?

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I've got an image of Batman and a photo of a friend that I want to use as Batman's face.

I load the Batman image into PDN and erase the face. Then I create a new layer and place my friend's photo on it, but it is too large and I need to resize it. When I resize it to fit in the cowl, I find that the Batman image has also been reduced on the separate layer.

So I'm sure I'm missing something simple here, but how do I resize the image on one layer without affecting the image size on other layers?

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Cool! Now I know two ways to get the job done.

Before I created this thread, I kept going to the "resize" tool. It seemed logical to me that I could select an area of an image and resize it that way. I also tried to hold down Cont or Shift or Cont/Shift while using the mouse wheel but had no luck. Then I came here, and went into Search mode. Unfortunately, typing in Resize Image or Resizing Images didn't bring up much help. What it did do however, was get me sidetracked because I started reading the other threads that I found interesting. ;)

Finally, after giving in to my frustration, I decided to make a newbie post. Now I'm glad I did. Thanks!

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Thanks MiguelPereira for explaining, Thanks Sabrown100 for the screenshot (very useful!) and Thanks Dark Thoughts for asking the same question I also needed answering! While I'm at it.. Thanks Paint.net team for creating Paint.net and keeping it free.

It's amazing how something amazing can be so amazingly free :D

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