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Request: (Plugin) Feather to be Incorporated into Paint.NET

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I know I am not in charge of any of these things, but I would really like to inspire Rick and Boltbait to work on getting Feather built into Paint.NET. My reasons for this vary, but namely I am asking for this to be included for plugin purposes ( :oops: ). The difficulty comes in providing AntiAliasing on rendered objects and being able to create an effect token for Feather would be very useful. Thanks for your time in reading this.


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It would be a nice idea,

But my view is that PDN is meant to be one of the most lightweight Open Source Graphics programs around, so by adding extra Plugins the whole package becomes messy and bloated.

Its much better to find the plugins Topic, with full instructions, so users learn how to add plugins aswell as how to use the ones they install :)

I personally dont use feather much, if at all, but it might be added if its viewed to be a worthy addition to the package!

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If you want to use the feather effect in your plugin, then the best way to do it would be to include the code in your own project (with BoltBaits permission of course), applying the feather effect after you have done your own would probably have some performance problems.

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