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  1. You're not doing anything wrong, thats just not something I thought about when I made it. I will try to fix this for the next update.
  2. To add to Sarkut's comment, I have also posted the issue in the GD&Q about the ray tracer. I hope this will be addressed soon. Thanks again for the wonderful plugin you have made. Ah, that was just me playing around, forgot to remove it before I uploaded them, Fixed it now.
  3. Ok, updated for 3.5.4, fixed the bug where it would crash when opening files.
  4. I have a fix ready for these problems, hopefully I'll be able to put it up sometime in the next couple of days.
  5. Oops, That effect shouldn't be in there, it's not finnished yet, please don't use that one yet.
  6. Ok, I've made some updates to make my plugins compatible for v3.5, some bug fixes and Selective Palette has been updated with dithering modes. I haven't had a chance to look at the bug in Equations yet, if it's still there please let me know, any crash logs or error messages would be helpful.
  7. Thanks guys, I've been working on making them compatible with 3.5, should have something soon.
  8. Yeah, sorry guys, haven't been on these forums all that much but I have made a couple of updates to my plugins a while ago that I haven't gotten around to posting yet. This is one of the updates that I've done, there are now 4 different dither methods to choose from as well as the ability to rearrange colours in the colour list (I'm pretty sure I've had requests for that) and you can now add predefined colour palettes, like for example 6 or 8 bit per pixel palettes. That's strange Mike, it's working fine for me on the 3.5 builds, what types of errors are you getting. Anyway, I hopefully will be able to post an update some time in the next week or so.
  9. The reason you are getting the stripes is because in your averaging code you are only taking the average of the colours in each of the rendering rectangles as opposed to the image as a whole. To take the average of every pixel your average code should look more like this for(int y = 0; y < src.Height; y++) { for (int x = 0; x < src.Width; x++) { //TODO: your averaging code } } notice how I replaced the lines "int y = rect.Top" with "int y = 0" and likewise for the rest of the bounds, this will make sure you look at every pixel in your image. However you will only want to do this once as its very time consuming so at the start of the rendering method you can check if you need to do the averaging and then do it if you need to. On the other hand, if you are building it in VS, you should calculate the average in the OnSetRenderInfo Another small tip, when setting the average colour to each pixel, get rid of the call if(selection.IsVisible(x, y)) because it is slow and not really necessary. Here is a sample of something I just put together which does pretty much what you want it to do, although it doesn't use the blur algorithm from your original code and it takes the average of the whole picture regardless of the selection but you get the idea. private bool set = false; private ColorBgra avg; private unsafe void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { if(!set) { set = true; ColorBgra[] cols = new ColorBgra[src.Height]; for(int y = 0; y < src.Height; y++) { ColorBgra* ptr = src.GetRowAddress(y); cols[y] = ColorBgra.Blend(ptr, src.Width); } avg = ColorBgra.Blend(cols); } for(int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++) { for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++) { dst[x,y] = avg; } } } But like I said, if you build it in VS, you can put the: ColorBgra[] cols = new ColorBgra[src.Height]; for(int y = 0; y < src.Height; y++) { ColorBgra* ptr = src.GetRowAddress(y); cols[y] = ColorBgra.Blend(ptr, src.Width); } avg = ColorBgra.Blend(cols); in your OnSetRenderInfo() method and remove it from the render function completely. Have a play with that and see how it goes, if you have any more questions feel free to ask.
  10. The colour of the dots is determined by your original image, its kinda like pixellate except with dots instead of squares.
  11. I will think about adding an eyedropper feature in the future, that would be pretty useful, although thats no promise. I probably won't add support for changing existing colours though, you'll just have to get by deleting and re-adding, sorry.
  12. OK, I have finally managed to get an update finished, I've fixed the bug where Channel Mask and Displacement Map would crash when you use it a second time, I improved the performance of both Jumble and Tile Image and have added 3 new plugins: Blur Map, Dots and Rounded Rectangle. Enjoy.
  13. OK, sure, I just need to clean a few things up, maybe even add a tool tip or something showing info like the amount of layers, size, etc and then I'll post it. On a kinda related note, does anyone know if the explorer background colour changes depending on your theme or does it allways stay white, I don't use themes or anything so I don't know, it would be good if I could get the background to work with the system theme.
  14. I made a plugin to do this a while ago, I can release it in my next plugin pack update if people really want it.
  15. OK, after copying a lot of Paint.NET source files from one place to another to get around that error and a lot of messing around, I think I've done it, Check it out.
  16. After having a look at that tutorial and watching the tutorial video by Daniel Moth I decided to have a go at making one to see how hard it was. I managed to make one for .cs files using my c# text box that I made for CodeLab some while ago, and, well, it turned out pretty good, with only about 10 lines of new code that I had to write. It was actually incredibly easy. I tried to make one for .pdn's, but to do that I had to reference the Paint.NET dll's which aren't strongly signed, so it wouldn't let me install it after I'd made it. If the Paint.NET dll's were signed with a strong name key it would not be too much work for me to finnish it off.
  17. I believe pyrochild's ScriptLab creates a scratch surface to render one effect on top of another, you could have a look at its source.
  18. You have the file "PaintDotNet.Effects.dll" in your Effects folder, it shouldn't be there. If you delete that file all your effects should load properly.
  19. Looks pretty cool, but could you maybe have the list of effects be sorted alphabetically or something, they seem to just be in a random order at the moment. Otherwise, it could be quite useful, Thanks.
  20. You might not have the pyrochild.effects.common.dll in your effects folder, you could try redownloading and placing all the files in the zip into your effects folder.
  21. At the start, they were all separate dll's so you might still have an Equations.dll in there somewhere that you can delete (and perhaps even a TileImage.dll, Jumble.dll and SelectivePalette.dll, they can all go to). Just delete anything that starts with CurtisBlack... and then redownload the three files in the new zip.
  22. Custom Build: Yes, just built it a couple of weeks ago. Laptop or Desktop: Desktop OS: Windows Vista Business, got it for free so I can't complain, but I would much rather have Vista Home Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad, 2.4GHz Motherboard: Gigabyte P35-DS3p, if I didn't still have the box on my floor I wouldn't have been able to remember that, I should probably do something with those boxes. Video/Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8600GT 512MB How much HD space? 500Gb + 320Gb + 160Gb How much RAM? 4Gb although it only sees 3Gb. Pity not all the programs I use are 64bit compatible, considering I can get a free 64bit Vista through my Uni.
  23. Hmm, It would appear as though both Displacement Map and Channel Mask are doing this, I will look into it later.
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