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New user question: "select" - "move" and/or "copy"?

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Just started to get to know the software and it feels nice, but I can't find out how to do this:

1. I draw a line

2. I want to select the line (just the line)

3. Move it with cursor keys or drag it

I've found the ellipse and rectangular selection but that feels weird using a larger selection than needed.

Also i noticed if I type two words (one by one), I cannot go back to the first word I've written and move it simply by selecting the word and drag it (or via cursor keys).

Am I missing something here? Seems it would be a really basic form of editing.

Thanks in advance!

/mor3ten from Sweden

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Thanks! I tried it but it left traces of the line. I guess I have to find the right "Tolerance" amount?

All in all, it isn't as convenient as just using an ordinary "Select tool" (like in PS). How do people solve this?

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