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Forum Usage Question

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I can't figure out how to use this forum. I want to see what plugins are available, where to get them, how to download them. I espically would like to download the borders plugin, I tried but I got an error message. I would also like to access the tutorals. Please help!

I am not a programmer I don't even use forums etc. I just am a user, I just need to be pointed in the right direction (I hope).


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A good place to start is the rules (see the orange box at the top of the page? Click on that link). It will lead you to several valuable resources - especially Rule #6, which explains why your post looks a little bit different. :-)


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To go to the tutorials, simply go to the board index > Paint.NET Discussion > Tutorials

There, you will see a bunch of topics, and if you click them, you'll be able to view the diffrent tutorials.

If you want a specific plugin, you should use search from the main page.

To install it, download and go to C:>Program Files> Paint.NET> Effects and paste the .dll into that folder. It should then show up the next time you use PDN.

I hope I answered at least some of your questions.

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thankyou very much for the replies

to david - yes i did read the rules first but have been looking so long it didn't register, sorry.

to 007nab, thanks, I found what i wanted again by following your link, when i tried to download the dll file, well I used open because I thought it would just go where it is supposed to but windows said it didn't recognise it - sorry that was nearly 2 hours ago can't remember what the "it" was.

Again thank you very much for answering


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Louey2322, did you unzip the file before you copy & pasted the .dll file? If you didn't then that is probably why it isn't working.


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