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Stroke... (selection) and Move Selection

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i didn't find this functionality (and neither in the forum):

1. I have selected something and want to move the selection (not the content of that selection) with the arrowkeys (possible in PS).

2. I want to fill the line of the selection with color (e.g. 3px) in PS under menu "Edit / Stroke..."

Is it implemented, or will it be?

Thank you,


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Thank you, Ash, now i see the difference to PS:

1. If i move a selection in Paint.NET it will move the content of its layer too. Not so in PS. So i need to make the selection in another (empty) layer, thats it.

2. The Borders N Shapes plugin fills only: Rectangle, Ellipse, Arc and Pie. Not a userdefined selection.

Maybe enough sometimes.

By the way: is there a Plugin for drawing (maybe userdefined) arrows?

The point is: i use Paint.NET for fast editing screenshots (e.g. to use in quick documentations or explanations). formerly i used mspaint, but i Paint.NET seems better.

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Rectangle, Ellipse, Arc and Pie.

I believe you are misunderstanding this plugin: those are the shapes of borders it will make. FOr example, the ellipse setting, with no selection, would make a circle as large as the image. On a selection, it would make a circle the size of the selection. Understand now?

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