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Straight Lines with freeform tool

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I need to create a polygon with sides varying in length. This polygon also needs to be filled. Microsoft Paint has a polygon tool to do this perfectly, but the freeform tool in paint.net is useless because it doesn't let me link together straight lines. I've searched for plug-in and I've come across one that lets me create equilateral polygons, but this is pointless for my needs. Is there something I'm missing?

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Hello dman99.

No, there is nothing you're missing. The best that can be done in your circumstance is the following:

1) create a new layer;

2) draw out the shape you desire using the Line / Curve tool, in the colour you wish;

3) with the Paint Bucket, fill the shape;

4) merge the layers if necessary. If you plan on further editing, I would recommend against merging so you can manipulate as needed more easily.

If the plugins are not what you look for, this is the best method (that I can think of) to do what you request. Doesn't stop anyone else coming in with a more convenient method, however.

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