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Clone Stamp

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Open one of the images.

Click "Layers->Import From File".

Find your other image, and open it. Now the second image is on its own layer. Click on the checkbox next to the second image to temporarily hide it.

In the layers window at the bottom right, click on the image you want to clone FROM. Click on the Clone tool, and pick the area you want to copy from.

Click that checkbox on the "copy to" layer to unhide it.

Now, in the layers window again, click on the image you want to copy TO. Make sure the Clone tool is active, and now click and/or drag the tool around where you want to clone TO.

Once you are satisfied, delete the layer that has the image you wanted to copy FROM, and you will be left with the modified image. Just save this to your computer, and you're done!

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Oh...if you want to simply make a collage or something, you can just use copy/paste like bob says. I made a collage a couple of weeks ago. Putting each image on its own layer makes it easy to move images around to how you like it.

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That's right.

Using layers to do some collage is simple and looking really good!

Just try to put some images on different layers , then move each image to the right position ( relative to the main layer ) , then you can just use eraser on the layers above the image , that you want on the main layer.......

Sorry for complicated explanation , but that is really quick and simple , you just need a little practice :idea:

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