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  1. Thank you very much for this supaCool plug in . Keep it going , don't be so shy !!!!
  2. O.k think that it'll help: 1) choose your image 2) add one more blank layer BELOW the image 3) Fill the higher half of the blank image with white colour 4) Apply Motion Blur DOWN at 90' with the desired value on white 5) You will get Fade from white to blank 6) Add one more image( any image) BELOW the white gradient 7) The highest image - is your desired image , that you want to do half transparent , so choose in BLENDING MODE ---> MULTIPLY 8) TA-DAAAAAA I hope that will help.
  3. I just don't understand what does he want ????
  4. How do you want to make this fade to transparency? Do you want it on the edges?
  5. I think that this problem is not a problem . and free hand drawing isn't "strange" default , because Paint.NET is not ONLY editing tool
  6. aatwo - great image. And I think it even looks like George!
  7. That's right. Using layers to do some collage is simple and looking really good! Just try to put some images on different layers , then move each image to the right position ( relative to the main layer ) , then you can just use eraser on the layers above the image , that you want on the main layer....... Sorry for complicated explanation , but that is really quick and simple , you just need a little practice :idea:
  8. Hi iyq. when I need to do something like that , I open the image , that I need , After that ---> resize canvas ( for example x3) . ---> add some images as new layers ----> move each one of them to achieve best position ----> save image As a result , you will get nice collage , and if you want to resize it after that , or change the pictures - you are welcome , because all the pics are saved as layers....
  9. Hi, If you want just to resize your pic to print it , just click on print button , and then set up your pic on photo wizard. But also you can go to resize option of the PAINT. Just look what you have there......
  10. :shock: :!: :!: :!: I'm shoked... You, guys, make me feel SO miserable...... .....Just perfect.....
  11. Wow guys , it's really good jobs! Sweedie - you did really outstanding job!!!!! I hope , I'll be able to do something like that. RejZoR - WOW!!! your drawings are super! May be you can give me/us some tips about the way you are drawing these cool things??!! I will really appreciate that. I have no exp at all in drawing on the comp , but I'm trying BTW : DAN thnks for your tutorials ! they are really helpful...
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