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Levels error and DEL Button support

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Hi. I've found something what i think it's a bug.


The levels box on the top right corner show only one of the 3 levels.

And what I'm requesting too is that I want to be able deleting levels by pressing the del button on my keyboard if the focus is on one of them in the levels list and, that I dont need the x-clickbutton.

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The upper right corner of your screen shows the thumbnail of your current image.

The individual levels are shown in the floating window in the lower right corner of your screen.

As you open more pictures at the same time, you will see additional thumbnails in the upper right corner of your screen. Click on them to switch to the various pictures you have open.

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thanks, but why can I fold up this thumbnail. What's the point?

You can have multiple images open in Paint.NET at once. Click on those thumbnails lets you switch between them.

And what's with my feature request with the DEL KeyButton? Will you implement it?

The del key erases your selection. Making it do two different things would only cause confusion.

The shortcut to delete the selected layer is Ctrl+Shift+Del


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