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Changing shading colors

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I am not sure what this actually called sorry I am still a newbie to photo editing. I just tried to search for this but since I am not sure what to call this I am reposting my question. I am trying to change all on color in a designated area to another color keeping the shading the same just in a different color. Here is an example of what I would like to do. I want to change all the shades of green to dark purple keeping the same contrasts once i pick the base coloring.

If you can just direct me to what this is called so i can better search for it or if you can provide me a quick guide you assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey, that thread title works perfectly well. :-)

Try this plugin: viewtopic.php?t=1102 and see if it works. I think you will find it works pretty well.


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open picture

make two layers orginal bottom duplicate top

on top layer

color to alpha plug in set the sliders these numbers top to bottom

100 299 100 100 91 191 131 0 0

now you should be left with just the green portions

on this same layer where you have the green only use color tint 301 128

at this point merge down and resaveas your gif.

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yes sorry should have mentioned that as I've so many plugins I sometimes forget not everyone has downloaded them all :wink:

the plug ins are here.



How? not sure how to explain it. I just instictively know what sliders to move.. play around with it for a bit. the tolerance is important it seems to control the range of the color you've selected. perhaps more is explained where you download the plugin. check that thread and ask your questions there about using this plugin. that way all the answeres are maintained in one section making it easier for the next guy coming along to review how to use the plugin. .

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oh oh the short answere is .... go read the section covering that plug in the author of the plugin shows an example. you use same principals hint eyedrop the skin tone and follow for your alpha color. :wink: and i tried it out you might need to do two passes to get all the skin tones.

again ask your specific plug in questions over there so everyone has the answeres avail to them about this plug in use in one spot. makes the search function work better all around.

ciao OMA

PS welcome to the forums hope to see some pics of yours up in the pictorium soon.

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