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  1. Hi, I am playing with the stenography option and I am wondering is the only way to view the hidden image is having paint.net and the steno plug in or how does it work. I have seen some that in the past that if you adjust the color curve to set levels that will reveal the picture? is that the case here or is it something different?
  2. I would ask the person who sent it to me but it was a forwarded email and I got it like back in the late 90's on an email account i don't have anymore
  3. Several years ago I got an email when some sent me a picture of the Mona Lisa. With a set of instruction to download it and open the file in Microsoft word. Once inside MS word you can adjust the color level on this picture. In the email it said what to set those color levels to, and if you did it to those level the picture of the Mona Lisa changed to another picture completely different from the original. Does anyone know where i can find an example of this or at least what it is called.
  4. Thank you so far very helpful and insight full I an still trying to figure out how you cam up with this sting of numbers 100 299 100 100 91 191 131 0 0 how would i figure out how to separate out the browns or flesh tones
  5. is color tint a plug in? And how did you come up with those numbers? for the first portion it worked great but i want to know how to figure that out so i can try it on other colors
  6. I am not sure what this actually called sorry I am still a newbie to photo editing. I just tried to search for this but since I am not sure what to call this I am reposting my question. I am trying to change all on color in a designated area to another color keeping the shading the same just in a different color. Here is an example of what I would like to do. I want to change all the shades of green to dark purple keeping the same contrasts once i pick the base coloring. If you can just direct me to what this is called so i can better search for it or if you can provide me a quick guide you assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I am trying to find an easy way image a picture that has many shades of the same color. For example I want to change all shades of green in a set area to match the equal darkness levels of a color i select from the circle, for example if a chose a light blue the area with match the shading and make the color dark where it was darker and light where is is lighter. Is there an easy way to do this or do i have to go through and manually change each pixel and guess. I hope i made it clear what i want to accomplish. I am gonna attach a fille for the example I want to change the greens to a dark purple.
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