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PDN free-handing Drawing Contest! Topic Updated!

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The main reason for which I choosed to participate in this contest was to have the chance of better explain what I meant with the rules I proposed.

I stated that participants shouldn't use any kind of pre-existent model. This means that you can use a model, as long as the model is made in PdN by yourself (without using plugins or effects, of course).

This picture explains the technique I used for the contest.


I first drew some perspective lines (black). Then I drew a sketch of the car shape with the paintbrush based on the perspective lines (green). When I was satisfied with it I added the final shape over the sketch by using the line/curve tool and filled it with the paint bucket (red). The shadows were done with scaled and rotated gradients (move selected pixel tool). The background is a hand-made effect similar to what you can do with noise+motion blur. It was obtained with gradients, paintbrush, scale of a selection, and rotate/zoom.



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Voting is coming to an end!! its 7pm on the 28th now, voting ends at 12am on the 29th, gives you a little more than 24 hours!! everyone can vote! so please more votes!!


voting closes at 12am today, its 8:40 now, gives you about 3 hours!!! get your votes in!


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