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Problem with transparency on BMP File

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I am a newbie to Paint.net and to a certain extent, dealing with 32-bit Bitmaps etc. Anyway, I have a bitmap that is being used as a strip for a toolbar in our application. The problem I am running into is if our application is run in the default XP theme, then things are fine, however, when run in any other theme, such as the Windows Classic theme or in a test theme I downloaded, the icons in the toolbar have patch of white around them.

I am thinking the transparency of the "white" in the bitmap is not set properly in the .bmp file. I have tried various things and cannot get it to work. I tried loading the tutorials site, but it seems down. I will try searching there. Any hints appreciated.. I saw hints related to using some magic "pink" and setting pixel zero etc. but I am not sure how, using Paint.net to set that etc.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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Unfortunately, BMP is what is required by the library we use and that cannot change at the moment. I guess what I find confusing is that in the XP theme, all is fine, just the other themes (such as windows classic) does there appear to be a problem. I guess I do not fully understand why in XP theme, the white is properly masked out? where as in other themes it is not... The white is always there.

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